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Press release
New collaboration between Tours Hospital and SPIE Ouest-Centre
Tours Regional University Hospital (CHRU) has chosen SPIE Ouest-Centre to overhaul its building technical management system.
As the hospital is currently equipped with a variety of such systems of different ages and based on various technologies, SPIE Ouest-Centre's task will be to integrate the existing installations into a single management system. This means replacing the various supervisors with a new architecture integrating all the existing sets of logic controllers. This project concerns a total of 10,000 control points corresponding to 440 industrial and building management logic controllers. Altogether, the site has a total of about 25,000 points. This contract is worth €919,000 (including €854,000 for automatic control, supervision and computer systems, and €65,000 for general electrical installations). The work is to be completed in 14 months, with acceptance scheduled for July 2009. This operation is being supervised by the Rennes Process/PSR department's GTE section. Development will be carried out by process teams including personnel from the Poitou Charentes Centre Limousin (PCCL) office (7,000 hours). General electrical installation work will be performed by PCCL's electrical engineering department. This deal is the fruit of close co-operation between PCCL's general electrical contracting teams with their invaluable knowledge of the customer and the Rennes Process/PSR department with its technical expertise and ability to operate in project mode. Their collaboration was key to securing this contract in the face of tough competition. In addition to this considerable potential for building technical management work offered by this customer, it should be noted that, once completed, this project will constitute an important testimony to our expertise in this specialist field, especially owing to the scale of services provided and the very specific skills required. It also testifies to SPIE Ouest-Centre's desire to take on projects with high added value and to the Process/PSR department's determination to expand into this field of activity. Contact SPIE SA
Pascal Omnès
Communications director
Tel.: +33 (0)1 34 22 58 21
e-mail :