2022 SPIE's Annual General Meeting webcast

Published on 09 May 2022

SPIE's Annual General Meeting which was held in Paris on Wednesday 11 May at 10 a.m., was broadcasted live on spie.com. The video webcast is now also available.

This year, SPIE's Annual General Meeting was held at the Étoile Business Center, 21-25 rue Balzac, Paris. Shareholders who could not be able to attend the meeting in person were invited to follow it online. They were able to ask questions which were answered by the Chairman and CEO live on the day of the Meeting. It was also possible to ask questions during the live broadcast via the chat room.

Webcast of the Annual General Meeting

Watch the webcast of the Annual General Meeting.

Webcast of SPIE's 2022 Annual General Meeting

Link to the webcast