4 TikTokeurs parlent de SPIE

4 TikTokeurs help you discover SPIE's activities

Published on 07 March 2023

Cergy, 7 March 2023 - If you're wondering what TikTok has to do with SPIE, the answer is simple: raise awareness of SPIE and attract young talent. SPIE France, a subsidiary of SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, is today launching an influencer campaign on TikTok with fytwitch, bordasofficiel, timthc and mastistor.

4 creative videos, many SPIE jobs to discover 

The campaign will take the form of 4 videos produced by 4 influencers, each offering a specific creative concept. 
It will run for one month, with one video per week. The videos will be broadcast on the TikTok accounts of the four influencers and on SPIE France's social networks.

SPIE is recruiting 3,600 employees throughout France

In 2023, SPIE, through its six subsidiaries, will be offering 3,600 job vacancies, including 600 on a work-study basis, in all regions and departments of France. The career opportunities offered by SPIE are accessible to all levels of graduates, from vocational baccalaureate to engineering degree, including professional licenses and BTS. Joining SPIE is an opportunity to give meaning to your career, as SPIE's businesses are at the heart of the energy, digital and industrial transitions.
All job offers are available on spie-job.com.

"Employment for young people is a reality at SPIE, with a strong focus on apprenticeships. Technical careers are not well known, and we want to do something to make them more visible, starting at the school guidance stage, including for young girls," says Sandra Hen Poulain, Human Resources Director at SPIE France. "With the launch of this TikTok campaign, we have taken a real gamble. It's an unprecedented collaboration in our sector, in which we have a lot of faith."

The campaign starts with the fytwitch video. It can be viewed at the following link: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMYyYP4qs/

4 creative videos, many SPIE jobs to discover