APA Group and SPIE apply smart systems to reduce energy consumption

Published on 17 November 2021

Plaats, 17 November 2021 SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, and APA Group, join forces to develop and implement the latest solutions in intelligent automation to reduce energy consumption in buildings and industrial estates and environments.

SPIE Nederland, the Dutch subsidiary of the SPIE group, combines its practical experience in the areas of design, installation, management and maintenance of energy-efficient installations with high-quality hardware and software from APA Group. This combination of skills ensures that equipment and systems set up optimally to realise the best possible energy savings in office and industrial environments.

Thanks to their know-how, SPIE Nederland & APA's teams can set up smart automation solutions that measure energy consumption and detect where the “energy guzzlers” are in a building. Because it is impossible to turn off any building’s system that consumes too much, it is necessary to constantly adjust the energy flows in the installation. For example by installing batteries to compensate for consumption peaks, or by regulating a device’s consumption more intelligently.

Jacco Saaman, director of Business Development and Innovation at SPIE Nederland, is confident about this collaboration: ″The quality of the measurements is very important. With APA's products, we can perform a very precise monitoring of the energy consumption. The measurements intervals are so close together that we receive an increased flow of information and can adjust the installation accordingly.″

“I am very happy we can join forces and combine our technologies and know-how. Our technology focuses on people. We think that smart cities and smart buildings should function just as efficiently as the human body - with security and communications systems, energy efficiency and sustainable development combined into one successful ecosystem. Together we can offer our customers this kind of harmony” concluded Artur Pollak, CEO of APA Group.