Cabinda Gulf Oil Company Limited (Chevron) awards new contract to SPIE in Angola

Published on 05 June 2019

Cergy, June 5, 2019 – Chevron oil company subsidiary Cabinda Gulf Oil Company Limited (CABGOC) has awarded a contract to SPIE Oil & Gas Services, a subsidiary of SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, to support operations on the 0 and 14 oil blocks located in the Angolan province of Cabinda at the extreme north of the country. This contract is of great strategic importance to SPIE Oil & Gas Services as it allows the company to partner with a major oil operator and explore new business opportunities in the area.

Founded in 1958 and based in Luanda, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company Limited is one of Angola’s largest oil producers (crude oil, liquefied petroleum gas or even natural gas).

The three-year contract, which has been effective since 1 December 2018, provides services to Chevron's subsidiary by SPIE Oil & Gas Services at the onshore and offshore sites, on the 0 and 14 oil blocks. The contracted services include the supervision and coordination of on-site teams enrolled on existing facilities and maintenance works. SPIE’s teams will rely on their high level of expertise in the following areas: mechanical engineering, electrics and instrumentation, coating, scaffolding installation, fabrication, lifting and rigging, and operations to support technical staff (planning, scheduling, preparation of work packages).

More than 100 experts will undertake alternate shifts (*) to fill approximately 50 vacancies in 2019. The contract also provides for the timely assembly of additional staff as and when operations render this necessary. In due course, SPIE Oil & Gas Services will evolve its services in order to create teams composed of Angolan staff and expats in a 7:3 ratio.

This contract is of great strategic importance to SPIE Oil & Gas Services; it effectively marks the first time we have embarked on a such contract with this client in Angola. That is why we are opening a new field office to meet contractual requirements and explore new opportunities to develop in the area”, explains Luis Varela Pais, Director of SPIE Oil & Gas Services in Angola.

(*) Employees who work for 4 weeks (12 hours a day, 7 days a week) are entitled to a proper rest period of 4 weeks.