The canton of Schwyz relies on SPIE Managed Services for its network

Published on 27 April 2020

Bern, 27 April 2020 – SPIE Switzerland, a subsidiary of the SPIE Group, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, has won the public invitation to tender to operate the network in the canton of Schwyz. The contract, including the maintenance, monitoring and operation of the cantonal network, will be provided by SPIE ICS, a subsidiary dedicated to complete ICT services, and could be extended until 2035.

The network in the canton of Schwyz is the central technical element that enables the cantonal administration, districts and municipalities to be provided with a range of services of optimal quality and the highest level of availability. A stable, high-performance and secure network that is also capable of responding to future requirements is essential.

The Office of Information Technology (AFI) for the canton of Schwyz evaluated a partner for the future operation of the cantonal network in the context of a public invitation to tender. The requirements were set out in the form of services. AFI identified WAN, LAN, data centre, WiFi, NAC and DDI services and assigned and one-time ‘Managed Services.’

The SPIE ICS tender, long-term partner for the management of the WAN network in the canton of Schwyz, met the requirements of the invitation to tender on all points, including for Managed Services. SPIE ICS uses a dedicated physical service infrastructure that is only available for the canton of Schwyz. The access points for the individual network services are designed as a dual stack for IPv4 and IPv6 communication.

Information Security Management (ISM) ensures that the services provided always meet the security standards agreed with the customer. Users have access to the service portal containing efficient, field-tested online tools.

Stefan Heinzer, IOC of the canton of Schwyz, explains: “SPIE ICS met all our requirements during the public invitation to tender and proved to be a reliable and highly competent partner. Our cantonal network is now up-to-date and well equipped for future needs.”

As a partner in the WAN network, SPIE ICS made the transition from the current network to the new service infrastructure without interference or loss of services for the various players and, above all, without any risk for the user.

Thanks to its many years of experience as a Managed Services provider, SPIE ICS benefits from its own tools and processes. SPIE ICS already uses its own automation systems, which promote standardisation of the network while increasing and optimising its efficiency.

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