Clear improvement for SPIE in the 2019 rankings for gender balance within its governing bodies among companies listed on the SBF 120

Published on 09 July 2020

Cergy, July 16th, 2020For the 7th edition for this ranking, SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, came in 46th place. This represents a clear improvement for the Group, which in 2018 was ranked 75th.

This 7th edition has been carried out by the French Secretary of State for Gender Equality and the Fight against Discrimination in partnership with the consultancy firm ConvictionsRH. This ranking lists the 120 largest French listed companies according to their commitment towards gender balance in their governing bodies and, more broadly, their commitment towards professional gender equality.

Historically, these rankings sought to identify the proportion of women in decision-making bodies and executive positions. For this new edition, the rankings have been enriched with new criteria and thus include the level of awareness/training among governing bodies and the results of the latest legislative measures - such as the professional gender equality index, which is compulsory for companies with more than 50 employees.

As a technical services company actively involved in the energy and digital transition, SPIE relies on the expertise and know-how of its employees to develop its business and is committed to achieving a better gender balance, making diversity one of its priorities. In 2019, 14% of the Group’s managers were women and 16% of new hires were women. The Board of Directors comprises 10 directors, with an equal number of men and women. Gender equality index is 84/100.

For several years now, the Group has been encouraging women to fully play their part in the development of the business through the So’SPIE Ladies network launched in May 2015. This network was given three missions: to increase professional equality and improve the diversity of the teams, to provide better career development opportunities for women, and to make both women and men more aware of the diversity-related issues. This network has become a key player in terms of taking action to encourage a better gender balance within SPIE.

The Group’s key figures can be found here, taken from SPIE’s 2019 integrated annual report.

The official press release from the French Secretary of State for Gender Equality can be found here, together with the complete rankings.