CSR: an ambitious 2025 roadmap

Published on 06 December 2023
At the heart of the energy transition, SPIE has longstanding commitments to CSR issues. Our 2025 roadmap shows our determination to step up our efforts both internally and for our customers.”
Isabelle LAMBERT, Sustainable Development Director of SPIE

SPIE has set out a CSR roadmap with strong commitments for 2025. Why is that?

First and foremost, because it is a fundamental responsibility for all companies. The largest ones, through their leverage, have the capability to effect change. Secondly, CSR is central to SPIE’s business, particularly in terms of the environment: our expertise is at the forefront in mitigating climate change in a practical and efficient way and supporting the energy mix transition. We also feel that our customers’ expectations in this area are growing, and we noted a real shift in gear in 2021. The same trend can be seen among investors, non-financial rating agencies and current and potential employees. Being a credible player recognised for its sustainable performance is an asset when it comes to recruiting in markets where there is a real skills shortage.

How do you intend to achieve your environmental objectives?

Over the last two years, we’ve already made very good progress in terms of the green share of our revenue. We plan to speed this up further by taking advantage of the positive market momentum generated by the various stimulus plans. I believe all of our subsidiaries have a role to play, for instance SPIE Oil & Gas Services, which is using its expertise to develop renewable marine energy. We are equally determined to reduce our own carbon footprint. In particular, this includes a gradual increase in electric vehicles within our fleets, as new electric utility models come to market and are available, and as charging networks are developed. We’ll also continue to improve the energy efficiency of our buildings in all countries in which we operate. And we’ve launched a vast project to better understand the CSR commitments of our 69,000 suppliers and to encourage them to make progress with us, particularly in reducing our climate footprint.

And what are the levers for action to meet your social and societal objectives?

While SPIE is a standard setter in terms of safety, we don’t take this matter for granted! Safety never should be. We are therefore committed to implementing continuous improvements, with strategic initiatives such as the 10 Life Saving Rules deployed in 2021 in all of the Group’s subsidiaries.

We plan to continue in this vein, with four priorities:

  • exemplary management

  • prevention culture

  • skills development

  • closer partnerships with sub-contractors

In terms of gender diversity, we aim to achieve our 2025 objective with internal promotions among our female employees and by recruiting women through a range of initiatives:

  • mentoring programmes

  • requirement to have at least one CV from a woman on manager recruitment shortlists

  • visits to schools and universities

These actions are supported at the highest level and relayed by our gender diversity awareness network So’SPIE Ladies.

Our CSR commitments for 2025

To meet the challenges of the energy transition and responsible digital transformation, SPIE has drawn up a CSR roadmap based on four ambitious objectives, each with solid commitments.



Share of our revenue aligned with EU taxonomy criteria in 2025


- 25%

reduction in our direct carbon footprint compared with 2019 (scopes 1 and 2)



SPIE's vehicle fleet electrified by 2025


- 50%

reduction in serious accidents compared with 2019


+ 25%

more women in key management positions compared with 2020



SPIE's purchases from suppliers that have set ambitious carbon footprint reduction targets.

Our 4 CSR commitments

To meet the challenges of the energy transition and responsible digital transformation, SPIE has drawn up a CSR roadmap based on four ambitious objectives, each with solid commitments.

  • Commitment 1: Contribute to a low-carbon economy

    In 2019, SPIE was among the first listed European companies to measure the green share of its business in accordance with the criteria of the EU taxonomy for sustainable activities. This required identifying the Group’s activities that made a substantial contribution to climate change mitigation. Our main contributions are in the area of energy efficiency and the decarbonisation of the energy mix as well as, to a lesser extent, low-carbon mobility.

    Commitment 2: Reduce SPIE’s carbon footprint

    SPIE is accelerating steps to reduce its own carbon footprint. Its target for 2025 was approved by the international Science Based Targets initiative and is considered to be in line with efforts needed to keep the global temperature rise below 1.5°C (scopes 1 and 2). The Group is also taking action on emissions from its purchases of products and services (scope 3). By 2025, SPIE plans to source 67% of its purchases from suppliers who have set ambitious targets for reducing their carbon footprint.

    Commitment 3: Strive for excellence in terms of safety

    Safety in the workplace remains SPIE’s top priority. Protecting the safety of the Group’s 48,000 employees is a major responsibility and also a performance driver. To achieve its goal of zero serious accidents, the Group has set an interim target of cutting the number of incidents by half.


    Commitment 4: Increase gender diversity

    SPIE aims to be an attractive employer for everyone, regardless of their gender, at all levels of responsibility and across all professions, many of which are technical. In order to go further, the Group has now set an ambitious target for key management positions that are particularly visible. This approach draws on a dedicated charter as part of a proactive policy to promote diversity.

    SPIE Sustainability Manifesto

    SPIE and its 48,000 employees are committed to deliver energy transition solutions to Europe. With the climate seriously warning us, we’re helping our customers reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint in innovative, cost-efficient ways.

    Today, there is a serious alert from the largest system that concerns every one of us - our planet. The climate warning light is on. If we do not act very quickly, this light will stay red, and it will be too late.

    Speed's objective is simple: to be part of the solution. As specialists in Technical Systems, we are strengthening our action in favor of a less energy-intensive society that limits global warming and contributes to our energy independence.

    We're assisting our customers in reducing their energy consumption and carbon footprint across all European countries where we are established. This is achieved by:

    • Modernizing buildings and facilities with high-performance technical and energy management systems.
    • Carrying out efficient maintenance, extending and strengthening electricity networks.
    • Providing access to low-carbon energy through responsible Digital Services.
    • Installing charging stations for electric vehicles.
    • Modernizing public transportation and delivering traffic optimization solutions.

    We also ensure that these virtuous approaches apply to ourselves by:

    • Reducing our own carbon footprint through rapid electrification of our large vehicle fleet.
    • Collaborating with suppliers on climate action.

    This is part of the company's sustainability roadmap, which includes two other long-standing priorities within Speed: the protection of human safety and the promotion of gender diversity.

    Awareness of environmental and social issues is growing on all sides. Coalitions of interests, including customers, suppliers, and investors, are following this same path of transformation. We are only at the very beginning.

    Alongside them, Speed employees are working and innovating day-to-day to deliver energy transition solutions for a more sustainable Europe now.

    Thank you.