Electric mobility: Yonne charging stations made accessible to EV drivers from all over Europe

Published on 28 February 2018

An innovative partnership between SPIE, SDEY and Hubject


Saint-Denis, February 28th, 2018 – SPIE CityNetworks, Hubject and the Departmental Energy Association of Yonne (SDEY) are joining forces to provide charging solutions for electric vehicles that can be accessed by EV drivers from all over Europe. Charging stations belonging to the Departmental Energy Association of Yonne can now be located and used by customers of every emobility service provider in Hubject’s intercharge network, a unique charging infrastructure network for electric vehicles spanning four continents.

Created in 2012, Hubject’s eRoaming platform connects charging station operators and emobility service providers in real time to give electric vehicle users customer-friendly access to charging infrastructure through the intercharge network. By becoming a member of this network, SPIE CityNetworks, a specialist in charging networks for electric vehicles, has made it possible for numerous users of electric vehicles in Europe to access terminals installed under direction of the Departmental Energy Association of Yonne (SDEY).

‘Our goal is to provide energy associations with innovative solutions that are geared to the future and that benefit users. International cross-provider charging networks, such as intercharge, help us to guarantee a simple recharging experience for electric vehicle drivers. Hubject has been an innovation leader in the eRoaming market for many years. In addition to reliable services, it offers a wide range of options that deliver a high level of added value,’ says Daniel Beaubouchez, head of digitisation and innovation at SPIE CityNetworks. With a comprehensive solution called ‘Orios by SPIE’, SPIE CityNetworks takes care of the installation, monitoring, maintenance, and technical and commercial operation of charging stations. This offer, complemented with the solution from Hubject, has been realised for the first time in Yonne. Every consideration centres on the best possible user experience: practicality, reliability and durability.

SDEY is the first energy association with terminals operated by SPIE to join the intercharge network and to open up its charging infrastructure to drivers from all over Europe. ‘In Yonne, we believe in innovation to promote sustainable mobility, and we believe in European integration. We want to allow drivers of electric vehicles to access different countries and regions, even outside Burgundy. For that reason, we decided to join the intercharge network back in 2016. We are happy to be part of this international network,’ explains Jean-Noel Loury, president of SDEY.