FM Days 2022

FM Days 2022: SPIE presents its latest innovations in energy performance and user comfort

Published on 03 May 2022

Saint-Denis, 03 May 2022 - SPIE Facilities, a French subsidiary of SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, will be taking part in the FM Days on 10 and 11 May 2022. This event will be an opportunity for SPIE Facilities to present its expertise and new solutions in the field of energy performance and user comfort.

This fourth edition of FM Days will be an opportunity for SPIE Facilities, a subsidiary of SPIE France, to meet with all the companies in the sector. For two days, nearly 150 major market players will gather for workshops, meetings and lunches with the aim of rethinking facility management and shifting the boundaries of the client/supplier relationship. 

Environmental awareness of teams at the heart of performance

While data is essential, SPIE Facilities reaffirms that a major lever for achieving performance objectives is people. To ensure that every employee in a company can play a key role in bringing about change, it is essential that they be made aware of CSR issues. SPIE Facilities offers local services to help companies move forward together:

- A dedicated energy efficiency offering: from energy audits to energy management, SPIE Facilities supports its customers with concrete, jointly developed service offerings, such as its organisational consulting and environmental awareness programme. Thanks to its solutions and expertise, SPIE Facilities enables its customers to achieve their energy efficiency and carbon neutrality objectives.

- Facility management to put people at the heart of buildings: because employee well-being is a key factor in attracting and retaining talent and optimising a company's long-term performance, SPIE Facilities constantly offers solutions to improve its customers' working conditions and environments. With its expertise in quality of life at work certifications, SPIE Facilities guarantees an effective continuous improvement process. 

SMART FM 360° at the heart of SPIE Facilities' offering

Buildings are major energy consumers. SPIE Facilities provides its customers with innovative facility management solutions that combine technical expertise to improve the energy performance of buildings with attention to user comfort and safety. SPIE Facilities has developed SMART FM 360°, a digital solution that identifies and aggregates all the data for a building or asset to provide a comprehensive overview of its performance, while identifying new energy efficiency levers.
All of this expertise and innovation will be developed during these two days of meetings.

For Cyril Pouet, Managing Director of SPIE Facilities: "For the fourth consecutive year, our teams will be present at this meeting with our ecosystem. We will be sharing our energy performance solutions, a major challenge in the short and medium term, with our customers and other market players. »

Philippe Jeannes, SPIE Facilities' Key Account Sales Director, said: "As a service company, we at SPIE Facilities are fortunate to be able to combine people, innovation and technology to drive the societal changes to which our era aspires. It is in this sense that we wish to support our clients in their CSR efforts. CSR cannot be decreed, it has to be demonstrated (support, certifications, etc.) and lived out on a daily basis in all our actions and decision-making."