France: SPIE announces the signing of a new framework agreement with EDF for nuclear power plants in operation

Published on 29 November 2023

Cergy, 29 November 2023 – SPIE Nucléaire, a French subsidiary of SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, has announced the signing of a new framework agreement with EDF regarding General Electrical Installations (lot 2) for the large-scale maintenance (“Grand carénage”) of French nuclear power plants with outputs of 900 MW, 1,300 MW, 1,450 MW and 1,650 MW (European Pressurised Reactors). The signing of this new five-year framework agreement and three-year options contract by Luc Rémont, CEO of EDF and Gauthier Louette, CEO of SPIE at the World Nuclear Exhibition (WNE) 2023 marks the beginning of a new stage in the historic partnership between SPIE and EDF, which dates back to 1952, when the French civil nuclear programme was launched.

Renewed historic trust

In order to respond to the consultation launched by EDF, SPIE Nucléaire, a subsidiary of SPIE France specialising in the design, installation, maintenance and dismantling of nuclear installations, as well as works on sites in operation, has joined a consortium of companies with solidarity clause called Soline (la SOLution INnovantE, the innovative solution) in the capacity of representative, alongside its long-standing partner, Eiffage Energie Systèmes - Clemessy. The fruit of a long-standing collaboration with EDF and a strong commitment from the teams working for SPIE Nucléaire, the consortium was able to precisely meet the various objectives set out in this tender.

The nature of the lot awarded to SPIE Nucléaire is also testament to the trust placed in its teams by EDF when it comes to improving the safety, performance, and sustainability of the installations in the context of the large-scale maintenance (“Grand carénage”) of French nuclear power plants. Indeed, the design, installation and commissioning services planned in lot 2 involve 75% of the reactors included in the fourth ten-yearly inspections of the first nuclear units in each class (the first sites inspected within their output category): Paluel, Cattenom, Chooz and Saint Laurent.   

An innovative offer and project-based deployment

The tender launched by EDF for GEI study and works services is of strategic importance for French nuclear plants. The bid submitted by Soline met the production and completion requirements defined by EDF thanks to strong innovations that will shape the future of these historic fields, coupled with the implementation of a project-based organisation.

"SPIE is delighted to today renew this historic partnership between our SPIE Nucléaire teams and France's leading electricity supplier, EDF. As a group committed to the energy transition, SPIE is once again demonstrating the level of its proficiency and position as a key industrial partner in France working towards sustainable and manageable low-carbon energy," declares Gauthier Louette, CEO of SPIE.

"SPIE Nucléaire is proud to be leading this Soline consortium and to be making the expertise of its teams available to France's nuclear power plants to ensure their safety and performance. The agreement embodies all our expertise and illustrates our constant ability to reinvent ourselves in order to successfully overcome the challenges of the coming decades," explains David Guillon, Managing Director of SPIE Nucléaire.