France: SPIE continues to develop and recruits more than 150 technicians and engineers in November

Published on 17 November 2020

Tuesday 17 November SPIE Facilities, a French subsidiary of the SPIE group, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, is continuing to develop and has announced the recruitment of 150 employees in November. A campaign, called GoodJob, was launched on the social networks on 2 November 2020. Its aim is to attract talent and to welcome motivated candidates who look to take part in the energy transition.

Recruitment to support the development of SPIE Facilities

As a consequence of its good business development, SPIE Facilities is recruiting technicians and experts in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), high current (HV), fire safety systems (FSS) and multi-technical finishing work, as well as engineers specialising in maintenance methods and energy efficiency. Although most of the positions are based in Île-de-France, several positions are also available throughout France. There are high demands when it comes to expertise and skills. The new positions will enrich the teams already in place and will enable the continued deployment of a new approach to multi-technical career paths. “We are pleased to carry out this ambitious recruitment campaign, which hinges on our significant commercial success. This dynamic approach reinforces our two promises: efficient services for our customers and rewarding and fulfilling career paths for our employees”, declared Cyril Pouet, Managing Director of SPIE Facilities.

Internal development & career opportunities

SPIE Facilities truly values the development of its employees and is working towards recruiting more women in technical roles. The diversity of the career paths available, the size of the SPIE group and its organisation offer employees a wide range of career opportunities, thanks in particular to the support provided for professional mobility: tutoring, coaching, training, transitions into management roles, financial support for geographical mobility, etc. The internal development of employees is a priority at SPIE and managers and HR alike pay particular attention to monitoring individual career paths.

It is our belief that a company can only be successful if its employees are committed and fulfilled. This boosts competitiveness and is key to providing our internal and external customers with an increasingly innovative range of services,” confirmed Sylvia Fenger, Human Resources Director of SPIE Facilities