France: SPIE launches its “Security Operations Center”, reaffirming its position as a cybersecurity stakeholder

Published on 05 October 2022

Malakoff, 5 October 2022 – SPIE ICS, the French digital services subsidiary of the SPIE group, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, has announced the creation of its dynamic SOC . This new service is based on the “TEHTRIS XDR Platform ” and offers real-time cybersurveillance based fully in France, designed to detect and neutralise cyberattacks.

A dynamic approach to security with optimised costs

SPIE ICS’ dynamic SOC service aims to create a “security bubble” centred around the user and their environment. Designed for medium-sized enterprises, this product offers services ranging from maintaining secure conditions to incident response and includes a cybersurveillance service based fully in France. 
The aim is to offer a dynamic approach to security that continuously adapts to threats and attack methods as they develop. In order to optimise costs, this service, which is offered with guaranteed service commitments, makes it possible to detect the weak signals of a threat at the earliest opportunity and to fend off “zero-day” attacks.

Taking the form of SaaS, this solution is deployed remotely by SPIE ICS’ cybersecurity experts based in France. Its simple architecture allows a cybersurveillance service to be set up in just a few weeks. Subscribing organisations have direct access to the SPIE ICS monitoring console and can track the measures put in place in real time.

A lasting and reliable technological partnership

The cybersurveillance service relies on a technological partnership with TEHTRIS, a key cybersecurity player in France. As the designer and publisher of the “TEHTRIS XDR Platform”, a proven and recognised technical solution, TEHTRIS has joined forces with SPIE ICS to offer a common value proposition based on simplicity, scalability and performance. This partnership reflects a strong and lasting commitment to providing better protection for organisations against the various types of cyber threat.

“The launch of this dynamic SOC offering represents a new phase in the development of our cybersecurity expertise,” explains Xavier Daubignard, Managing Director of SPIE ICS. “Our decision to join forces with TEHTRIS, which took on the status of a mission-led company in April this year, as our technological partner demonstrates our commitment to the issues of reliability and digital trust”.

SPIE ICS: a recognised cybersecurity stakeholder

Having been awarded the status of ExpertCyber in 2021, SPIE ICS is included among the field service providers listed on the platform and is an active participant in the roll-out of the France Relance recovery plan. SPIE ICS’ Managed Services Centre (CSM) achieved ISO 27001 certification in June 2022.

SPIE ICS’ cybersecurity team provides support for digital transformation projects designed, rolled out and operated daily by the French DSC  for its customers. For several years, it has been helping organisations to anticipate their digital trust challenges and providing them with the technical and human resources needed to overcome today’s cybersecurity challenges.

Through its NOC (Network Operation Center) based in France, SPIE ICS administers, operates and maintains the IT system infrastructures of more than 150 companies under secure conditions.

Initially centred around activities associated with projects aimed at implementing security systems, SPIE ICS has developed a consulting and assistance offering to provide defensive and offensive security services, together with risk and compliance management services. Aimed at MSEs, local authorities and healthcare facilities, these services have grown strongly as a result of companies being overexposed to threats associated with the widespread use of remote working and the resurgence of attacks targeting IT systems.