France: SPIE is recruiting 3,600 employees, including 600 work-study students

Published on 05 April 2022

Cergy, Tuesday, 5 April 2022 With the green recovery under way, careers at SPIE France, the French subsidiary of SPIE, the independant European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, are taking off. In 2022, SPIE France’s subsidiaries will recruit 3,600 employees, including 600 work-study students, to help support its customers through the energy transition and the digital transformation.

Jobs that get right to the heart of energy and climate issues 

SPIE’s services are at the crossroads of energy and climate issues. They present numerous opportunities and offer future careers that help to combat climate change and create value through digital technology, such as maintenance technician, energy efficiency engineer, high/low voltage electrician, telecoms engineer, network engineer, assembler, works manager, fibre optic engineer, Smart City engineer & technician, cybersecurity, data center technician, welder, industrial electrician, energy network business manager. In most cases, these are full-time permanent positions. All educational levels are targeted here, from vocational baccalaureates, professional degrees and advanced vocational diplomas (BTS) to degrees in engineering. Visit to see all vacancies.

With 400 locations and a strong network throughout France, SPIE France’s subsidiaries are recruiting in virtually every region. Predicted recruitment per region is as follows: Île-de-France - 466 new recruits, Occitanie - 522, PACA region - 428, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes - 400+, Grand Est - 319, Nouvelle-Aquitaine - 263, Brittany - 232, Pays de la Loire - 322, Normandy - 311, Centre-Val de Loire - 142, Hauts-de-France - 110, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté - 85.

We are recruiting men and women across France who are looking to give meaning to their work and who share our values of performance, proximity and responsibility. Joining SPIE, a growing European group and a key player in the challenges of today, i.e. the energy transition, responsible digital transformation and industrial relocation, gives you great future prospects,” explains Arnaud Tirmarche, Managing Director of SPIE France.

Improving our skills by passing them on 

SPIE is known for its ability to pass on its expertise. Work-study programmes have been part of SPIE’s HR policy for many years and have become a key recruitment pool as a result. In 2022, SPIE will continue to reach out to young people and expects to recruit 600 new work-study students across 30 different professions. This ambitious approach requires input from more than 1,000 employees, tutors and trainers, who give up their time to pass on best practices to the technicians of tomorrow. This requires improved relationships with schools and colleges, and numerous initiatives to raise awareness of the work available at SPIE. Work-study programme vacancies can also be found at

We ensure that every employee’s professional journey is an adventure filled with real opportunities to progress. This is why the average employee service length at SPIE is more than 10 years, and why our employees are proud to be a part of our company,” says Olga Martin Jarousse, HR Director at SPIE France. 

Gender equality and diversity as recruitment drivers 

We are looking to recruit a diverse group of people, who not only have technical skills, but are also motivated and able to adapt. It is essential that our new recruits have a strong team spirit and a real desire to help face the challenges posed by the energy transition and the digital transformation. The strength of SPIE’s teams is found in their passion, courage and diversity.

At SPIE, there is no prescriptive “gender quota”, our gender mix is built over time. Promoting the role of women at the company’s highest level, attracting more female talent, and supporting them through their careers are just some of the commitments supported by the internal So’SPIE Ladies network. 

Join us if you’re up for working for the energy transition and for the digital transformation,” is the tagline of SPIE France’s subsidiaries’ employer brand. It is driven by a clear promise that joining SPIE, a growing Group, will allow you to contribute to the creation of a more responsible, more sustainable world. As a creator of innovative green solutions, SPIE supports its customers in the design, installation and maintenance of their energy and digital infrastructure and networks.