SPIE is supporting the Department of Yonne

France: SPIE is supporting the Department of Yonne in improving the energy and environmental performance of all its buildings

Published on 19 September 2023

Saint-Denis, 19 September 2023 - SPIE Facilities, a subsidiary of SPIE France specialising in building maintenance and facility management throughout France, has become the partner of the Department of Yonne – France – by winning a global public performance contract and signing an energy performance contract. Under the terms of this 10-year contract starting in the summer of 2023, the SPIE Facilities teams, together with SPIE Building Solutions, also a subsidiary of SPIE France, which specialises in expertise dedicated to building intelligence and performance, are committed to reducing energy consumption by 25% and CO2 emissions by 43% in the Department's buildings.

This is the first comprehensive performance contract to be awarded by the Department of Yonne. It will help the local authority to make a major commitment to the energy transition by encompassing all of its buildings under a single contract: 52 sites, including 25 secondary schools, 25 tertiary sites including, 1 museum and a number of historic sites, 1 head office, 147 buildings totalling 169,000 m2 of heated surface area. In addition, this type of contract offers the possibility of combining design-implementation services with operation-maintenance services in a single contract, in order to meet quantified performance targets.

Ambitious support from experienced local teams

SPIE Facilities will be working with the local authority for a 10-year period, starting with a 6-month design phase, followed by 3 years of works to optimise the performance of existing installations. To carry out the work on the tertiary and secondary school buildings, SPIE Facilities relied on a local multidisciplinary team comprising BC Entreprise, MICHEL SAS and UBIK Architectures. SPIE Facilities also worked closely with SPIE Building Solutions on some of the electrical, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning work, and with the EGIS design office to carry out the design work.

SPIE Facilities led the project jointly with its partners to propose a significant change in the energy mix of the entrusted property. With most of the buildings currently heated by gas, SPIE's teams will be replacing 22 outdated heating production systems with efficient gas boilers, wood-fired boilers, heat pumps and connections to district heating networks. A technical management system will also be implemented at the 52 sites, enabling SPIE Facilities to remotely control and supervise all the facilities.

At the same time, SPIE Facilities' teams will maintain and operate all of the local authority's buildings for a period of 10 years.

In addition to this technical management and the optimisation work carried out to ensure that the targets for energy savings and greenhouse gas emissions are met, work must also be carried out to bring about changes in user behaviour through the implementation of an effective energy-saving policy.To achieve this, SPIE Facilities' experts will be running awareness-raising workshops for the occupants of the Department's buildings and training workshops for the local authority's technical workers, starting in the first few weeks of the partnership and continuing throughout the term of the contract.

“Committed to ambitious performance targets, we are proud to be supporting the local authority in its ecological transition over the next 10 years. The mobilisation of a pool of local know-how and expertise led by SPIE Facilities has enabled us to set energy and CO2 savings targets that are even more ambitious than those initially requested by the Department of Yonne,” explains Jean-Louis Châtillon, Business Director of SPIE Facilities' Grand Est division, France.