Genious maintenance optimises production of raw materials for antibiotics

Published on 04 February 2019

SPIE ensures Centrient Pharmaceuticals’ installations are operational and reliable

Delft, 4 February 2019 – SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the energy and communications sectors, is the main maintenance partner for Centrient Pharmaceuticals in Delft, with effect from 1st January 2019. The pharmaceutical division of DSM recently decided to have a single party for the full coverage of its maintenance. SPIE is responsible for both the primary-process installations and building.

For several years SPIE has been an active partner at Centrient Pharmaceuticals’ production site in Delft. Until recently, SPIE was responsible for the electrical, instrumentation and Engineering activities, while mechanical engineering maintenance was performed by another party. To go forwards in process improvement, Centrient Pharmaceuticals decided to choose SPIE as a single maintenance partner. Involvement of multiskilled technicians from the Maintenance Business Unit (formerly Numac Maintenance) and a detailed action plan for continuous improvement and innovation were the deciding factors.

Centrient Pharmaceuticals’ Plant Manager, Peter Weerdenburg: “SPIE’s strategy for meeting our ambitions in plant availability, reliability, quality and costs attracted us. We look forward with confidence to the next step in this innovative collaboration.

Continuous improvement means that several times per year SPIE will talk to the client during dedicated sessions about the main issues and suggest innovative approaches to solve them, combining the various parties' know-how and experience.

A second advantage offered by SPIE is the deployment of multiskilled technicians. Few technicians have expertise in both electrical and mechanical maintenance. At the SPIE Academy, technicians are trained in both areas and can therefore be deployed in a wide range of fields. This is one of the reasons why Centrient Pharmaceuticals is able to achieve efficiency improvement.

About Centrient Pharmaceuticals 

Centrient Pharmaceuticals is the world leader in the production of beta-lactam antibiotics, next-generation statins and antifungal products. We produce and market intermediates, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and ready-to-use medicines. As a manufacturer of essential and life-saving medicines, we play a vital and pivotal role in present-day healthcare.
Our brand promise, Quality, Dependability and Sustainability, is fundamental to everything we do. Our 2,000 employees commit themselves each day anew to meeting the needs of our customers. We are working on a sustainable future through our participation in the battle against antimicrobial resistance.
Established 150 years ago as the ‘Nederlandse Gist- en Spiritusfabriek’ (‘Netherlands Yeast and Spirits Factory’), our firm was previously better known as Gist Brocades and more recently as DSM Sinochem Pharmaceuticals. In addition to our head office in Rotterdam (The Netherlands), we have production facilities and marketing centres in China, India, The Netherlands, Spain, Egypt, the USA and Mexico. Centrient Pharmaceuticals is fully owned by Bain Capital Private Equity, a leading global private investment concern.