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Germany: SPIE continues technical facility management at 29 Berlin cultural institutions

Published on 02 November 2022

Berlin, 2 November 2022 – Whether it’s the Volksbühne, Berliner Ensemble, Konzerthaus or Deutsches Theater – Berlin’s cultural institutions are world famous, and their performances and exhibitions thrill audiences of millions every year. But what goes on behind the scenes is vital to the success of these institutions – namely, the seamless technical facility management of each and every property. From 1 November 2022, SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa, the German subsidiary of SPIE, will be once again assuming responsibility for this task, continuing the successful partnership between the state of Berlin – represented by BIM – and the multi-technical service provider.

A complex and challenging task

Over the next five years, SPIE Efficient Facilities – an operational division of SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa – will be again responsible for technical facility management at 29 properties in Berlin’s cultural portfolio. This assignment is highly challenging because these properties are heavily used by the tenants and the smooth operation of, among other things, the stage equipment is of critical importance. Not only do the institutions all run different events requiring different stage and media systems and equipment, but they also have different building fabrics too. Ensuring that these requirements are always fulfilled, that the systems and equipment are available around the clock and that operations are always in compliance with the law are – and always have been – challenges.

Sebastian Hölzel, Berlin-Brandenburg Branch Manager at SPIE Efficient Facilities, is proud of his team’s work: “Our highly dedicated employees both on-site and in the back office have performed pioneering work in the first FM portfolio award in this first contract cycle, which is about to expire. I am therefore delighted that the high quality of our offering concept was recognised during the negotiation process and that we can now continue our successful work.”

Sven Lemiss, Managing Director of BIM: “SPIE has been a highly dependable partner in numerous joint projects with us. We are looking forward to continue this successful partnership in our cultural institutions for the benefit of all our customers.”

Digitalisation and energy efficiency

Not only does the order encompass a wide range of technical facility management services, but SPIE will also be responsible for the monitoring and control of various infrastructural services, building requirements planning and a range of IT-supported services. The future operator concept provides the on-site operational personnel with a high degree of independence and allows them to take anticipatory measures aimed at ensuring the smooth operation of the stage equipment, lighting systems, media technology and so on in the buildings. “The outstanding communication and IT skills displayed by our team are a boon to this project. Thanks to digital energy management solutions, we have made it our mission to improve transparency and ensure the efficient operation of the technical systems,” says Sebastian Hölzel. “Optimising the system interfaces is also designed to increase the process speed of the different workflows.” 

A trusting partnership

BIM and SPIE have enjoyed a trusting and close collaboration for many years. “I’m looking forward to the ‘second round’ of this project, which is highly complex in technical terms and involves numerous stakeholders who can leverage and build on the experiences gained so far during the course of this partnership,” says Michael Wimmer, speaking on behalf of all the SPIE object managers at the cultural venues. The start-up phase for the continued management of the properties in Berlin’s cultural portfolio began back in August 2022.