Germany: SPIE to install Kork transformer station on behalf of TransnetBW

Published on 25 November 2021

On behalf of transmission system operator TransnetBW, SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, is responsible for the turnkey installation of the Kork transformer station near Kehl in Baden-Württemberg.

This facility is one of six transformer stations to be upgraded, expanded or built from scratch as part of a wider project to increase the transmission capacity of the grid along the Rhine in Baden-Württemberg. Work is scheduled to begin in January 2022, and the facility is expected to be commissioned in the first quarter of 2024.

Grid and supply security

SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa will be installing a new 380/110 kV transformer station in Kork in order to stabilise the power supply in the municipality of Kehl and get it ready for the future. "The new facility will ensure supply security for Kehl, where grid capacity utilisation is very high. The new 380/110 kV transformer station will help to improve grid security, which is urgently needed," says Christoph Bausch, the project manager responsible at the High Voltage operational division at SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa. Due to its geographic location and its connection to the transmission cable line between Daxlanden and Eichstetten, the new Kork 380/110 kV transformer station is part of Netzverstärkung Badische Rheinschiene (NBR), a project aimed at increasing the transmission capacity of the grid along the Rhine in Baden-Württemberg.

Comprehensive scope of services

In this far-reaching project, SPIE will be responsible for the primary, secondary and construction technologies as well as the associated infrastructure. This contract encompasses the engineering and turnkey installation and commissioning of the new transformer station, which will take the form of an open-air facility. SPIE will also be installing four 380 kV and two 110 kV panels as well as a 380 kV transformer in the new transformer station. As a general contractor, the multi-technical service provider will also be responsible for site management during construction of the new building. "We are going to be installing a new turnkey transformer station, which means that we will be responsible for all planning, management, coordination, assembly and installation work and for putting it into operation. The main challenge faced by our highly skilled and experienced team will be to complete all this work within the ambitious schedule. This will require high-precision, detailed planning and finely tuned coordination among all the different trades," says Bausch.

A long-term partnership

With this project, TransnetBW and SPIE are continuing their long and close partnership. As a product-neutral and non-proprietary service provider, SPIE offers service provision from a single source and operational excellence. Over the years, SPIE has proved to be a dependable partner in helping grid operators to meet the challenges of the energy transition. "We're delighted to continue our partnership with the construction of the Kork transformer station," says Klaus Kist, Weinheim location head at SPIE's High Voltage operational division. "As part of the NBR project, the new transformer station will make a significant contribution to ensuring a reliable power supply for nearby industries. This is why we are proud that TransnetBW has entrusted us with realizing this project. Our outstanding quality and workmanship, our adherence to delivery dates and our solution-orientated mindset were once again key factors in our ability to secure this contract," he adds.