Germany: SPIE provides full-service contracting for the Bosch-Areal in Stuttgart

Published on 21 July 2022

Stuttgart, 21 July 2022 – SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa, a German subsidiary for SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, has added technical facility management for the entire Bosch-Areal centre in Stuttgart to its range of services. The multi-technical service provider was already a long-standing contractor for the property supply with useful energy - such as heating and cooling. Since January 2022, the partners have expanded their collaboration in the form of a full-service contracting.

The complete package

SPIE Energy Solutions, a business unit of SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa, is now also responsible for technical facility management at the Bosch-Areal centre in Stuttgart. The complex houses, among other things, restaurants, shops, a sports hall and a cinema - many of them under a huge glass roof. There are eight buildings in total, covering 40,000 square metres of gross floor area divided among more than 50 tenants. Across the site, the team is led by Hartmut Kogel, project manager at SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa's Efficient Facilities operational division. They handle the challenging task of technical building management for almost all the property's technical facilities. This includes maintaining the interior ventilation systems and the heating, cooling, fire alarm and electrical systems as well as the associated instrumentation and control engineering. “We are familiar with the properties and many of the facilities because we have been supplying useful energy to the Bosch-Areal and managing the associated technical facilities since 2009. The knowledge we have built up in that time enables us to respond rapidly and perform professional troubleshooting,” said Kogel. “Our customer now has the benefit of receiving all technical services and complete energy and utility billing for all tenants at the centre from a single source. It is the complete package,” he added.

A long-standing partnership built on trust

SPIE has been supplying the Bosch-Areal with heating, cooling, electricity and water for 13 years and handles energy cost billing for the centre on behalf of the owner. “There are a lot of tenants at the Bosch-Areal, some of them quite small, and they all have different needs. Our customer appreciates our reliability and our single-minded focus on finding solutions to any problems that arise in relation to energy supply and billing, which helps us to fulfil the specific needs and requests of the complex line-up of tenants quickly and efficiently,” said Alexander Zimmermann, the SPIE project manager in charge. “We're delighted to have been given this new contract and proud to know that our previous services and excellent customer testimonials persuaded our long-standing customer to place their trust in us once again,” added Sascha Flormann, Member of the Management Board of the SPIE Energy Solutions business unit of SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa.