Germany: SPIE to undertake technical facility management for Siemens Energy for another three years

Published on 06 October 2021

Munich, 6 October 2021 SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, and Siemens Energy are set to continue their successful partnership. Over the coming three years, the multi-technical service provider will be responsible for the technical facility management of 385,000 square metres of office and production space occupied by Siemens Energy and support the energy company along its path towards a climate-neutral future with efficient, sustainable and digital solutions.

Forward-looking partnership for the energy transition

SPIE and Siemens Energy, the former energy division of Siemens AG now spun off into a separate company in its own right, are continuing their long and trusting partnership. Siemens Energy has extended the framework contract with the multi-technical service provider for three additional years. "Siemens Energy and SPIE enjoy a solid, trusting partnership in which we are both equals. We are extremely proud of this and excited to have the opportunity to continue supporting Siemens Energy along its path towards a climate-neutral future with our range of technical and digital solutions," says Rainer Hollang, Managing Director/COO of SPIE GmbH and Head of the Efficient Facilities operational division at SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa.

"With SPIE, we benefit from a partner that possesses outstanding technical capability and shares the same goals as us. In our respective areas of expertise, both we and SPIE are committed to creating the transition to a more sustainable world. This is why we are so excited to continue our successful partnership," says Norman Michael of Siemens Energy.

By saving energy and optimizing processes, SPIE's mission is to cut costs and emissions: "Our technical solutions will also help to cut costs. With our expertise in technical facility management, we ensure that the technical building facilities are operated efficiently and preventively, CO2 consumption during ongoing operations is reduced and energy-saving measures can be implemented," says Stefan Schusterschitz, General Manager of the Key Account Siemens business unit within the Efficient Facilities operational division.

Technical building management

The office and production space occupied by Siemens Energy and managed by SPIE covers around 385,000 square metres. SPIE's team of experts is responsible for the technical building management of the technical facilities in the properties, encompassing everything from operational management, property management, maintenance and warranty tracking through to energy management and controlling of infrastructural building management. Tasks include maintaining, inspecting and repairing the ventilation air conditioning, heating, electrical, and sanitary systems as well as the instrumentation and control technology in the buildings. "Quality, service and, of course, occupational safety are our top priorities. We are in constant communication with Siemens Energy so that we can improve processes and, in turn, safeguard the health and safety of all involved," says Stefan Schusterschitz.