SPIE réalise la sous-station de Vietlübbe

Infrastructure for renewable energies in Germany: SPIE realises Vietlübbe transformer station

Published on 28 August 2023

Parchim, 29 August 2023SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, is working with the UKA Group on behalf of WEMAG Netz GmbH to plan and install a transformer station fed by various renewable energy facilities in the region. The transformer station is just one of many infrastructure projects under way in the Parchim region, in Germany, helping to advance the transition to renewable energies. The transformer station is scheduled to be commissioned in spring 2024.

A variety of renewable sources for one transformer station

The area around Parchim is very windy, which makes it one of the key regions earmarked for the expansion of renewable energies in north-east Germany. For the electricity to be transmitted from here to consumers, sometimes over long distances, the voltage first needs to be increased at a transformer station. WEMAG Netz GmbH therefore decided to pool all the power generated by various facilities in the region at one transformer station. The different sources of power presented a challenge in the design and implementation of the electrical systems.

“Designing, planning and implementing the transformer station in Vietlübbe within a tight time frame represent an ambitious assignment for our team. However, we find it helpful that we had already taken on the whole primary planning process, which means that we are very familiar with the site and its requirements,” explains Hannes Weinreich, Berlin-based sales manager at the Schaltanlagenbau business unit of the High Voltage operational division at SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa.

“We impose strict requirements on the design of the transformer station and its integration in the existing WEMAG Netz GmbH distribution grid,” says Thomas Heinke, the project manager responsible for the project at WEMAG Projektentwicklung GmbH. “To switch to renewable energies quicker, time is a crucial factor for Vietlübbe. With that in mind, we are delighted to have found in SPIE a partner that has already demonstrated its capabilities at the primary planning stage,” adds Daniel John from the project management team at UKA.

A close partnership

SPIE, the multi-technical service provider, has been working closely with the UKA Group for years on the operational management of the project developer’s wind power transformer stations. For the Vietlübbe turnkey project, the primary planners demonstrated their extensive knowledge first, leading to the contract for all aspects of the electrical system being awarded to SPIE. “Despite high demand, we are fortunately able to provide the required capacities in Vietlübbe, so that we can once again contribute to a very ambitious project supporting the energy transition,” says Hannes Simon, head of Schaltanlagenbau in Berlin at SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa.