Innovation Day 2024 : Welcome to Rotterdam !

Published on 18 March 2024

On 21 March, Rotterdam will host the 2024 edition of the Innovation Day. This day, which celebrates innovation in all its forms, seeks to recognise creators for their creativity, pioneering spirit, boldness in some instances and, most often, their commitment to build a better future. No fewer than 60 innovations will be presented over the course of this promising event.

Inspirational encounters

One of the objectives of Innovation Day is to promote peer discussion that will help to develop a culture of innovation within the Group. The reason behind this is that, at SPIE, we believe that innovation stems from collaboration and that it is a vehicle for development, re-evaluation and progress, differentiation and performance. Informal chats, idea sharing and, better still, open discussions between countries and subsidiaries are all sources of inspiration and mutual enrichment.

Topics as diverse as AI, hydrogen, cybersecurity, the circular economy, knowledge management and energy storage will be addressed throughout the day.

Prizes and Visibility 

As in each new edition, the Strategic Committees and HSEQ Team will have an opportunity to showcase their innovations, whether at their booth or during their keynote addresses.

The prizes for the best innovations will be awarded in the traditional categories of Building Tech, Digital, ICS, Industry, Smart City and T&D and Tech FM, along with the Health & Safety Prize and the Jury Prize.

And this edition will also feature a new award: the Sustainability Prize! This will recognise an innovation with a positive societal and environmental impact. After all, at SPIE, innovation is not limited to technology: it is part of a sustainable and responsible strategy.


We’re looking forward to seeing you there and finding out who the winners are!

An eventful day setting a strong ambition


prizes awarded


keynote addresses given over the course of the day


select partners


innovations presented after selection on the SIOUX platform dedicated to internal innovation