IONITY chooses SPIE for the deployment of its pan-European network of electric vehicle charging stations

Published on 11 February 2019

8 electric charging points inaugurated on two service areas (Chartres-Bois-Paris and Chartres-Gasville) of the French A11 highway

Cergy, February 11th, 2019 –

On October 29th, 2 new SHELL service areas have been inaugurated on the French A11 motorway, southwest of Paris. They are the first to be equipped with high power charging stations from the pan-European IONITY network and have been installed by SPIE.
The SPIE group has just been awarded the IONITY contract to support the deployment of 400 high power charging stations across Europe by 2020. The contract scope is large-scale and consistent with SPIE’s strategy and demonstrate the company’s primacy and expertise as a key player in the Smart City and e-mobility markets.

Created in 2016 as a joint venture by the car manufacturers BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Audi and Porsche (Volkswagen Group), IONITY, located in Munich (Germany), is building a network of high-power charging stations for electric vehicles across Europe. Mainly positioned along major roads, the 400 charging stations planned for 2020 will be fitted with an average of six charging points, each with a capacity of up to 350 kW.

IONITY has commissioned SPIE to carry out two types of operations: the preparation of 66 charging stations in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia and the deployment of 103 stations in Germany, Belgium, France, Poland, Hungary and the Netherlands. SPIE will be responsible for the various stages prior to the installation of the charging stations, including planning, compliance and preparation of the charging sites. The stations will feature the European Combined Charging System (CCS)1 standard as well as an electrical transformer adapted to the delivery of direct current. The deployment of the stations involves installing up to 6 charging points at each station, wiring and their connection to the network.

Depending on the vehicles’ batteries, these stations offer up to 300 km of autonomy for 15 minutes’ charge. In France, SPIE has already installed around ten charging stations and is planning to install 34 others by 2020.

In our view, SPIE satisfies a number of essential requirements: a strong presence in Europe thanks to its network of subsidiaries, a proven track record and the expert skills needed to design and install an electric vehicle charging station”, notes IONITY COO Marcus Groll.

The pan-European IONITY network is a critical phase in the development of the electric vehicle market, particularly to foster long-distance journeys thanks to fast and easy charging that can be paid for online. Jérôme Vanhove, SPIE Group strategy, development and M&A director, is delighted with the new contract: “We are thrilled to see the trust we have received from IONITY. It demonstrates the value of our expertise in terms of e-mobility and electricity transmission and distribution, as well as the relevance of our pan-European positioning. SPIE has acquired many references in the design, installation, maintenance and operation of electric vehicle charging stations. The continuous growth of this market consolidates our position as a key player in the Smart City, interurban infrastructure and energy transition markets”.

1 The CCS system combines the capabilities of fast charging and conventional charging.=small>


Founded in 2017, IONITY is a joint venture between BMW Group, Daimler AG, Ford Motor Company and the Volkswagen Group with Audi and Porsche. Its brief is to create a network of powerful, reliable and accessible charging stations throughout Europe. It is universally accepted that a comprehensive charging infrastructure is essential for the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. IONITY believes that e-mobility should be accessible for everyone and, by developing a pan-European fast-charging network, is investing in a simpler, cleaner and freer world. The fast-chargers’ operating capacity of 350kW (the equivalent of turning on 3,500 100W lightbulbs at the same time) ensures that IONITY’s fast-chargers are future-proofed for the next generation of electric vehicles.