Netherlands: Eurofiber chooses SPIE to install and maintain fibre-optic networks

Published on 24 January 2024

New agreement will serve innovation and growth

Oss, 24 January 2024 SPIE Nederland, the Dutch subsidiary of SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, is one of the four contractors with whom Eurofiber Nederland [1] signed a new contract on 23 January 2024 for laying fibre-optic connections. The agreement is for a five-years period.

The contracts are an extension of the cooperation with the four companies SPIE, BAM Telecom, Circet and Siers Group. In addition to installation, SPIE and BAM are also involved in the maintenance and repair of the Eurofiber fibre-optic network in the Netherlands. Meile de Haan, Group Director Network Infra of Eurofiber states: “SPIE, BAM, Circet and Siers have made significant contributions to Eurofiber's rapid expansion in recent years. Digital infrastructure is crucial for our customers, which include governments, utilities, telcos and large enterprises. This is why we place high demands on our supply chain partners. I am therefore delighted that we have concluded these new agreements.” Eurofiber’s fibre-optic network is being expanded by an average of 50 kilometres every week in the Netherlands.

Demand for business fibre connections continues to grow, driven by the shift of many companies to cloud environments, the development of business parks and the entry in the Netherlands of hyperscalers(2). Apart from new connections, companies and organisations are increasingly asking for a second or even third connection at the same location to ensure availability at all times. De Haan: “A seamless partnership with our contractors is a prerequisite for providing our clients with the quality they expect from Eurofiber. In addition, this partnership also means that together we are constantly looking at how we can improve. Innovation is therefore an important part of the new agreements. The aim is to further streamline the laying of networks, enabling us to connect our clients even faster and more cost-efficiently. Furthermore, making the chain more sustainable is like a task we will fulfil together with our partners.”

The contract includes measures to encourage innovation, such as simplifying and automating processes.

SPIE has been carrying out assignments for Eurofiber for 20 years, this new contract is a confirmation of the quality and flexibility SPIE has demonstrated in rolling out the Eurofiber network. Henri van Zandbeek, Business Unit Manager FttX of SPIE explains: “With this contract, we are poised to carry out the required upgrades and migrations, so that the Eurofiber network continues to perform reliably and is ready for the future. With our projects team and data-driven Network Operations Centre, we are ready 24/7 to provide Eurofiber with turnkey solutions, relieving them of management and maintenance worries. We look forward to performing together in the coming years and achieving further growth!”

[1] Eurofiber provides digital infrastructure in the corporate market. Eurofiber has a network of more than 70,000 km of fibre-optic cable in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany.

[2] Hyperscaler is a major provider of cloud services, capable of offering large-scale computing and storage services. Hyperscale technologies make it possible to rapidly increase resources to cope with a peak in connections, for example, and also to deactivate servers during off-peak periods, thus saving energy.