EEW Energy From Waste

Netherlands : SPIE contributes to green ambitions of EEW Energy From Waste

Published on 07 November 2022

Farmsum, 7 November 2022 – SPIE Nederland, the Dutch subsidiary of SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, has been awarded a new contract by EEW Energy from Waste, a leading company in the generation of power and heat from the thermal recycling and disposal of waste. The contract includes the extension of the grid connection at the high-tech waste processor’s industrial site in Oosterhorn, Farsum.

EEW Energy from Waste is currently carrying out several projects at its sewage sludge treatment plant in the Oosterhorn industrial zone, in Farsum. These include the realisation of a new facility to recover the phosphate from the ash remaining after treatment of thes sewage sludge, the establishment of a CO2 capture plant and a recycling centre to recover raw materials from the residual waste for reuse. The site access and infrastructure will also be completely renewed and upgraded.

With the construction of the new and planned facilities, EEW Delfzijl intends to take major steps to expand, make sustainable and optimise its production and processing capacity. To realize these ambitions, the site’s existing grid connection must therefore be extended: a perfect job for SPIE Nederland.

SPIE will extend the power distribution network with 36 10kV distribution network, modify the connections to the transformers and the existing power distribution and realize the site’s automation and safety systems. SPIE will take care of the final stage of commissioning the entire installation. In the meantime, grid operator Enexis will ensure that SPIE can connect EEW Energy From Waste’s electrical grid to the local distribution grid.

A strong relationship

SPIE and EEW have been working together for some time and therefore know what they can gain from each other. In the preliminary process, the interests of both parties were carefully considered which created the confidence to realize this project successfully and according to a tight schedule. Peter Grispen, Business Development Manager at SPIE Nederland, is pleased with this new assignment: "The collaboration with EEW is very pleasant and, in addition, we as SPIE like to make a green contribution. Our ambitions align perfectly, which is why we are pleased that we can use our expertise here.”

EEW Energy from Waste Delfzijl's waste-to-energy plant began in 2010 with two incineration lines and nine years later a third line was added. In total, the company can thermally process 576,000 tons of waste annually. EEW is now adding a fourth line specifically for burning sewage sludge from sewage treatment plants.

By using the waste streams as fuel, EEW produces energy in the form of steam, hot water, electricity and compressed air. With this energy, the company supplies various companies in the area, which therefore do not have to use fossil fuels.