Vaidio SPIE Nederland

Netherlands: SPIE expands portfolio with Vaidio Video AI Analytics platform

Published on 03 May 2023

Breda, 3 May 2023 – SPIE Nederland, the Dutch subsidiary of SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, has expanded the scope of its service offering with the Vaidio Video AI Analytics platform developed by VAIBS. Both parties are now able to provide their end customers with a complete solution in the field of smart video technology. This enables them to improve their security procedures and achieve significant time savings using artificial intelligence.

SPIE Nederland’s ICT Services department delivers complete network infrastructures and installs, operates, and maintains hardware equipment. By adding Vaidio to its existing security portfolio, SPIE aims to better support its end clients within their most critical procedures. Vaidio offers various features to fully automate security inspection and detection tasks - such as simplified searching which eliminates the need to spend hours looking through imagery. Furthermore, Vaidio has the capability to detect various incidents such as lost objects, accidents, fires, and smoke. It can also identify the use of personal protective equipment, recognize individuals, and determine gender and age and emotions.

Although there are several video AI Analytics system available in the market, SPIE has decided to opt for the Vaidio solution from VAIBS. According to Bart Verhees, ICT Services’ portfolio manager at SPIE Nederland, "Vaidio platform's 12 years of practical experience demonstrates the kind of track record we look for in a new product. In addition, it complies with NDDA guidelines, ensuring safety. Another advantage is that the Vaidio servers are in the Netherlands, preventing data from being transferred outside of the country. VAIBS' adaptability as a company is also remarkable, as it allows for a quick integration when required."

Kasper van Kekem, commercial director at VAIBS, stated "SPIE Nederland is of course an appealing name in the market with wonderful clients. Their practical approach is truly attracting to us. Through our collaboration, we can provide effective solutions for safety, security, healthcare, and various business processes. We get a lot further together!"