Nio PSS charging station

Netherlands: SPIE installs a futuristic charging station for car manufacturer Nio

Published on 14 December 2022

Schiedam, 14 December 2022 SPIE Nederland, the Dutch subsidiary of SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, has installed one Power Swap Stations (PSS) in Apeldoorn on behalf of Chinese car manufacturer Nio.

Innovative concept to support the breakthrough of electric driving

Dedicated exclusively to Nio drivers, these charging stations provide a solution to one of the main limitations of electric cars: the time needed to recharge a battery, especially on long journeys. Thanks to its interchangeable battery system in its vehicles, Nio replaces the traditional charging method with a battery exchange solution.
How it works: once the car is parked in front of the station, it drives itself inside the facility where the battery is removed from the bottom and replaced with a full one. The car then leaves the station, and the driver is ready to go!

A full range of services provided

SPIE Nederland has been commissioned to carry out the engineering works, install the station cabling and connect it to the power grid. This work requires a high degree of precision: as they rely on a fully automated process above ground, the station consisting of 3 steel frames must be therefore perfectly placed in the foundation.

SPIE Nederland laid the power cables, from the grid to the station, while Nio took care of the internal cabling and commissioning. To complete the PSS installed by SPIE in Apeldoorn, a "traditional" charging facility (charging with a plug) was also set up in Utrecht. Nio is gradually establishing its presence on the roads of the Netherlands and is already planning sales throughout Europe. Among other things, the company is deploying power exchange stations as a way of generating visibility and brand awareness. A Nio House will also be set up in Rotterdam and Amsterdam.