Nuclear safety: SPIE receives ISO 19443 certification from AFNOR

Published on 20 April 2023

Cergy, 20 April 2023 - SPIE Nucléaire, a subsidiary of SPIE France specializing in the design, construction, on-site operation, maintenance and dismantling of nuclear facilities, has just been awarded ISO 19443 certification by AFNOR. This unique international standard dedicated to nuclear safety is a major recognition for the company.

In a context where the importance of nuclear safety has been reinforced, SPIE Nucléaire, which belongs to the SPIE Group, the European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, develops engineering services for its customers. The nuclear energy sector is governed by numerous regulations and general quality assurance specifications. These obligations require suppliers and subcontractors to have an appropriate quality management system.

After a 33-day audit in November 2022 at its main sites, SPIE Nucléaire obtained ISO 19443 certification in March 2023 for its new installations, maintenance, on-site operations, decommissioning activities, and all its expertise in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, HVAC, and nuclear engineering.

The ISO 19443 certification takes into account the proficiency of specific requirements related to IPSN (Important for Nuclear Safety) services, leadership, graded approach, acquisition of a nuclear safety culture (including reliability, traceability, and skills), which are at the heart of the company's processes.

By obtaining this certification, SPIE Nucléaire aims to enhance the value of all its activities and ensure the conformity of its services provided as a Tier 1 subcontractor to major French nuclear industry players (EDF, Framatome, Orano, CEA, ITER, etc.). The ISO 19443 certification is a strategic asset for the company, distinguishing its ability to contribute to its customers' activities actively and sustainably.

"SPIE Nucléaire is committed to safety, security and environmental protection. This certification provides a better understanding of the actions of our employees and partners regarding nuclear safety, and it reinforces our pride in belonging to a trusted industry of excellence," comments Corinne Figuereo, Requirements Director at SPIE Nucléaire.