Redevelopment of the Allier’s banks


In 2019, SPIE CityNetworks had been chosen by Vichy Communauté, the district of Vichy (France), to participate in the redevelopment of a large area of the left bank of the Allier. This new development aims to enhance and boost activities on the riverbanks while preserving the natural ecosystem.

Fact sheet

  • Services: M&E
  • Subsidiary: SPIE France
  • Year: 2020
  • Tags: Energy transition
  • Status: Completed

Following a 6-month design phase, SPIE CityNetworks carried out work on the left bank to

  • distribute high voltage electricity,
  • provide and install public lighting columns
  • to illuminate unique sites.

The specifications provide for the installation of 208 lighting columns 5.40 and 10.50 metres tall, 117 wooden poles 7 and 5 metres tall, 43 spotlights embedded in the ground, 101 metres of embedded LED light bars and 21 spotlights highlighting a dovecot. With this range of equipment, the new attractive and welcoming environment should attract more walkers and consequently bring more businesses and restaurants.

Much more than the mere installation of lighting devices, scenographic lighting of the left bank of the Allier enables natural or architectural features to be showcased: noteworthy trees, wooden walkways, etc. Creating a site of such size in the middle of a natural area is unprecedented. Since the design phase, SPIE CityNetworks fully took into account the impact of the work and the environmental issues to  evaluate any disturbances that its work could cause. As consequence, she put forward suitable workarounds: selecting natural materials such as wood for the light poles and LED lights which are configured to select an optimal amount of lighting.