Schwyz hospital entrusts its new network infrastructure to SPIE

Published on 17 December 2020

Bern, 17 December 2020 - SPIE Switzerland, a Swiss subsidiary of SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, is joining forces with the energy supplier EWS (Elektrizitätswerk Schwyz) to set up a reliable LAN and WLAN network for Schwyz hospital.

Appointed by the IT department at Schwyz hospital, SPIE ICS AG, a subsidiary of SPIE Switzerland and complete IT service provider, is responsible for the acquisition, implementation, introduction and operation of the network infrastructure. Launched at the start of July 2020 and lasting for one year, the process is being run as part of an operating agreement defining the expectations of Schwyz hospital. The aim is to guarantee a seamless transition of the initial network to the new one and limit the risks of service interruptions.

SPIE ICS AG won this invitation to tender thanks to a solution that is perfectly suited to the needs of Schwyz hospital, based on the latest technology from market leaders Cisco Systems and Fortinet. This solution offers multimedia capabilities (real-time, voice, collaboration and conferencing applications) and a complete wireless local area network enabling simple implementation of localisation options in the long-term. Lastly, it includes access control and network zoning for different services, as well as monitoring, alert, reporting and administration tools.

A partnership based on trust and reliability

SPIE ICS AG has been supporting Schwyz hospital for over 15 years as a partner in the field of telephony/UCC[1]. Thanks to this long-standing collaboration, SPIE ICS AG can use its operational experience to optimise and develop flows and processes during the network renovation. SPIE has an expert “Health” team exclusively dedicated to the needs of hospitals and clinics in Switzerland. The operational partner, EWS (Elektrizitätswerk Schwyz), an energy supplier and complete service provider in the field of energy, networks, installation and communication, will ensure that the hospital benefits from the greatest degree of flexibility possible thanks to the presence of a specialist electrician with excellent knowledge of the environment and the infrastructure.

SPIE ICS AG is ensuring the secure transition of the LAN and WLAN networks and is using an SAP[2] software package to assist with this step during the physical installation of the network components. In order to optimise the installation phase and guarantee its efficiency, SPIE ICS AG and the project management team from Schwyz hospital are identifying and planning the activities to be conducted in parallel with the aim of shortening the transition phase.

SPIE has impressed us throughout our collaboration thanks to its experience and reliability in serving healthcare and intensive care stakeholders. For this reason, and especially thanks to the expertise of SPIE’s staff members, we are confident of the quality of the partnership between our two entities”, explains Pascal Holzmann, Head of IT at Schwyz hospital. “In addition, SPIE can draw on the implementation of high-quality, professional concepts and developments in other Swiss hospitals”, he adds.

The operating agreement was concluded for five years, with an optional three-year extension. With this solution, Schwyz hospital is achieving its objective of a secure, reliable and customised network with standardised, high-quality services.

[1]UCC: Unified Communications and Collaboration.

[2] SAP: Systems, Applications and Products for data processing. Name used to refer to an integrated management software package developed and marketed by the product licensor (SAP AG).