E-Vadea / Inauguration à Dijon du réseau de bornes de recharge

SPIE and APRR inaugurate the new e-Vadea network of ultra-fast recharging stations on the Dijon-Spoy service area

Published on 05 June 2023

Saint-Denis, 5 June 2023 - SPIE CityNetworks, a subsidiary of SPIE France, and APRR today inaugurated the new network of e-Vadea ultra-fast recharging stations at the Dijon-Spoy service area, in the presence of Ludovic Rochette, Chairman of AMF21 and Mayor of Brognon, Luc Sauze, Managing Director of SPIE CityNetworks, Véronique Tallon, Customer Manager for APRR-AREA motorways, and Frédéric Gilbert, Partner at Demeter. The e-Vadea stations at Dijon-Spoy and Dijon-Brognon, located on the same motorway service area, have already charged 1,250 electric vehicles since they opened at the end of December 2022.

Located on the A31, a few kilometres between Dijon and the town of Brognon, Dijon-Spoy and Dijon-Brognon are among the 8 APRR motorway service areas that welcomed France's first e-Vadea ultra-fast charging stations in December 2022. A new operator in the electromobility sector, e-Vadea is supported by SPIE CityNetworks, a partner in regional performance specialising in energy networks, digital networks, city services, transport and mobility, and Demeter via the Fonds de Modernisation Écologique des Transports.

The Dijon-Spoy e-Vadea station offers 6 charge points and the Dijon-Brognon station 7 charge points, each delivering between 150 and 300 kW. They can cover 100% of the needs of several vehicles charging simultaneously. These modern, ergonomic stations offer all the connectors on the market (CCS, T2, CHAdeMO), making them accessible to all types of vehicle, from standard cars to long vehicles, trailers and commercial vehicles.

Since their installation in December 2022, the e-Vadea stations at Dijon-Spoy and Dijon-Brognon have been particularly popular with electromobilists using the A31, thanks to the quality of their equipment and the ease of access to the service: no subscription required, recharging launched via the highly intuitive e-Vadea application, via the Fulli badge, or even via the badges of the main recharging service providers.

Easily identifiable, e-Vadea stations have an LED banner on the awning, as well as signs on the ground displaying the power ratings. By deploying the e-Vadea network SPIE CityNetworks, a french subsidiary of the SPIE group, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, is confirming its role as a key player in the energy transition. For its part, APPR, the first motorway network to have equipped 100% of its service areas with fast and ultra-fast electric charging points, is reaffirming its commitment to sustainable, low-carbon mobility.

"I am delighted that SPIE is contributing to the development of electric mobility in France with the e-Vadea stations," comments Luc Sauze, Managing Director of SPIE CityNetworks. "For the deployment of these stations, SPIE has combined several of its areas of expertise to offer a turnkey service, from the definition of the site's potential to the design and installation of the terminals, including maintenance and customer service”.

"This inauguration demonstrates the strong commitment of all the players involved in encouraging the development of low-carbon mobility. At APPR, we've been working towards this goal for 11 years. We are now the first network to have equipped 100% of its service areas with fast and ultra-fast recharging points, i.e. a point every 30 to 40 km over the network's 2,410 km", says Véronique Tallon, APPR's Customer Manager.

inauguration stations de recharge e-vadéa


From site identification, station design and installation, to operation, maintenance and customer service using its in-house ORIOS solution, SPIE CityNetworks manages the entire service and value chain.