SPIE and the FMET, managed by DEMETER, will deploy the first stations of the new e-Vadea ultra fast charging network

Published on 16 June 2022

Cergy, June 16, 2022 - SPIE CityNetworks, a French subsidiary of the SPIE Group, the independent European leader in the areas of energy and communication services, and the Ecological Transport Modernization Fund (FMET) managed by DEMETER, announce the launch of e-Vadea, a network of ultra-fast recharging stations for electric vehicles. The first equipped sites will be located on the motorways. The e-Vadea stations will allow the electromobilists to easily recharge any type of electric vehicle during their trips. By launching the e-Vadea network, SPIE CityNetworks confirms its role as a key player in the energy transition.

e-Vadea: offer a fluid, reliable and attractive customer experience for recharging

The e-Vadea stations will offer an easy and reliable customer experience with a first deployment by the end of the year of 13 stations on motorways from the North-East quarter of the territory to Bordeaux and Monaco on the APRR and VINCI motorway networks. No need for a subscription or special card, simplifying the customer experience has been a priority, whether in terms of access to payment (by bank card or recharging badges), the customer experience or the number of recharging points available.

On this network, the reliability of the charging stations has been considered from the design stage. This is why their operation and maintenance will be handled directly by SPIE CityNetworks' dedicated teams throughout France. Each station will have up to 12 charging points and will be accessible to all types of vehicles. The charging speed, thanks to charging stations that will offer powers of 150 and up to 300 kW, aims to provide the best service to users by allowing them to recover up to 300 km of range in 20 minutes.

A new business directly linked to the energy transition

With the deployment of e-Vadea stations, SPIE CityNetworks is expanding its skills. The company has combined several of its skills to offer a new turnkey service to its customers. From the definition of the site's potential, to the design/installation of the terminals, through to operation, maintenance and customer service (provided by its internal ORIOS solution), SPIE masters the entire service and value chain.

According to Luc Sauze, Managing Director of SPIE CityNetworks: "This project has mobilized SPIE's teams, with the implementation of new skills and business expertise, demonstrating our ability to adapt to the new uses of street furniture. We are proud to deploy the e-Vadea brand, which will provide all motorists who have chosen to go electric with optimal recharging conditions for their journeys throughout France. 

For Philippe Detours, Managing Partner at DEMETER: "As a financier of the ecological transition via the Fonds de Modernisation Ecologique des Transports, we are delighted to develop with SPIE the e-Vadea brand at the national level, which will enable us to concretely support the development of electric mobility in France. This independent and attractive offering developed by SPIE has been designed as a platform open to all mobility users and operators, with very high service quality requirements."