SPIE and Incooling join forces for innovative energy savings in the data centre world

Published on 18 January 2021

Breda, 18 January 2021 – SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the field of energy and communication, has entered into a partnership with the young company Incooling. The latter is working on innovative technologies that can make data centres much more environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Together with Incooling, SPIE will introduce these innovations in Netherlands’ data centres.

Deep tech company Incooling is developing innovative technologies that fit perfectly with SPIE’s ambitions to provide energy-saving solutions for its customers. With a mission to cool down the planet one server at a time, their unique phase-change cooling solution is designed to dramatically improve energy efficiency, whilst enabling the data centre industry to reach its full potential.

SPIE and Incooling met on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, where SPIE delivers data centre services to a large Dutch high tech company that develops machines for the semiconductor industry. To further expand its portfolio of services, SPIE is always looking for innovative solutions in data centre environments; among other things, in the use of data for condition based/predictive maintenance and in the introduction of further energy-saving measures. Given the ambition of Incooling to introduce its sustainable solutions in data centres, both parties have decided to enter into a partnership.

Incooling has developed an integrated cooling solution that is aimed at increasing the computing performance of high-end servers. Their phase change cooling solution removes the heat directly at its source. This results in maximised server performance and lower energy usage.

Ruud van der Hoeven, Data Centres Business Unit Manager at SPIE Nederland B.V. is looking forward to the cooperation: “SPIE already offers various cooling solutions for data centre environments in its portfolio, but never anything close to the server itself. Incooling’s innovations fit in perfectly with our services and will help our customers to save energy, because the warm air flows released from the servers are cooled directly at the source in a very energy-efficient way.”

Rudie Veriweij, CEO of Incooling: “We see that the data centre industry is changing rapidly, creating new challenges and increasing the pressure for innovation. Our partnership with SPIE ensures efficient exploration of these challenges and rapid implementation of new technology with a like-minded partner willing to go the extra mile to drive change.

Photo : Rudie Verweij, CEO of Incooling, and Ruud van der Hoeven, Business Unit Manager Datacenters at SPIE Nederland B.V.