SPIE Belgium and Electra join forces for greener mobility in Belgium

Published on 19 October 2023

Anderlecht, 19 October 2023 – SPIE Belgium, a subsidiary of the SPIE Group, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the fields of energy and communications, has won a contract with Electra, a Belgian company that finances and operates rapid charging stations. This new project will oversee the creation of 21 sites equipped with three to six rapid charging stations accessible to all and available throughout Belgium. The undertaking sees SPIE Belgium using its recognised energy transition expertise for the development of electric mobility. 

Throughout the world, and in urban settings in particular, road traffic comes with its share of noise and congestion. Luckily, the rise in electric transport is now helping to reduce these disturbances and it is with this in mind that SPIE Belgium is providing Electra with its expertise and added value in the deployment of ultra-rapid charging stations in Belgium, thereby contributing to quieter future mobility.

From study phase to maintenance 

In addition to installing the charging stations, SPIE is also assuming responsibility for everything associated with the provision of power for the projects it is undertaking. Before launching an initiative that entails the installation of electric charging stations, SPIE carries out a preliminary study in order to identify the project’s specific needs. For example, the installation of high-voltage cabinets may be required as part of these projects, as is the case for this collaboration with Electra. The SPIE design department assessed the restrictions and requirements in terms of energy in order to ensure a smooth transition to electrification. Only then did the SPIE Belgium specialists install the charging stations. This stage requires meticulous planning and must be carried out in collaboration with architects so as to ensure compliance with the requirements of each site on which these charging stations are installed. 

Once these electric charging stations are operational, smart energy management must be guaranteed. Using sophisticated management systems, SPIE will ensure that it covers consumption peaks, thereby helping to protect the facility and the network. Lastly, the company will also work to ensure that each electric charging station installed consistently functions at the optimal level. This maintenance accounts for around 20% of the investment in an electrification project. It is carried out by SPIE experts on a preventative or corrective basis, with regular monitoring and servicing of the stations already in place. 

A contract for rapid charging stations

As part of this contract, Electra will be responsible for providing the rapid charging stations at 21 sites, with between three and six stations per site. Thanks to its multidisciplinary expertise, SPIE Belgium will supervise the work associated with land planning, install the stations and fit and connect the high-voltage cabinets. The initial work for the project started in September 2023.

Electra offers a wide range of benefits: 24/7 charging station accessibility, a mobile app for finding available stations, bookings and charging payment.

We are thrilled that we can rely on SPIE Belgium as a partner, working hand in hand on the deployment of these 21 rapid charging stations across the country. We hope to become the largest provider in Belgium and Luxembourg with 250 charging stations deployed by 2030, and this first partnership will help us to solidify the numerous land partnerships that we have already entered into,” adds Louis-Charles Mosseray, General Manager at Electra.