SPIE is committed to promoting greater diversity and inclusion in the technical professions in Belgium

Published on 23 April 2024

Anderlecht, 23 April 2024 - SPIE Belgium, a subsidiary of the SPIE group, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, is finding innovative ways to promote diversity and inclusion in the technical professions and has been awarded the Actiris[1] Diversity label for a second time. This label recognises organisations based in the Brussels-Capital region that commit to a two-year diversity plan and make a significant effort to promote diversity and inclusion within their organisation.





The company has been awarded the Actiris Diversity label for a second time


SPIE Belgium is taking concrete measures to foster an inclusive and equitable working environment in a sector that is generally considered to be lacking diversity, particularly in terms of gender and inclusion of employees with disabilities. A survey carried out in 2023 by Agoria among its member companies revealed that women held only 19% of all executive positions in Belgium[2], clearly highlighting the urgent need for initiatives which promote more equal representation in the sector.

SPIE Belgium, which is active at numerous sites across Belgium, particularly in the areas of renewable energy and sustainable mobility, recognises the importance of reflecting the diversity of society in its teams and has implemented various initiatives to achieve this.

The concrete measures SPIE has put in place include gender diversity workshops aimed specifically at those in managerial positions, which more than 50 SPIE managers have already attended, and awareness-raising training for the Human Resources teams on the inclusion of disabled employees. SPIE has also introduced a personal mentoring programme for freshly recruited young talents to help them drive their personal and professional development, and supports initiatives aimed at encouraging women towards technical professions, which includes technical sector initiatives that seek to raise the profile of these professions and generate interest for them among young girls.

Continued commitment

SPIE Belgium first set foot on the path to obtaining the Diversity label in 2017, when it drew up its first diversity plan together with Actiris.

Annik Vandeputte, HR Development Manager at SPIE Belgium, explains: "At SPIE Belgium, we are convinced that diversity and inclusion are essential factors in innovation, creativity and performance. Seven years ago, in view of the many challenges posed by a lack of diversity in our sector, we committed to the path proposed by Actiris. Ever since being awarded the label for the first time, we have been committed to going even further and fostering even greater diversity and inclusion."

SPIE remains committed to continuing its work to promote diversity and inclusion within the sector and among its 1,550 employees in Belgium in the coming years. Each year, the company sets itself new targets with regard to age, disability, level of education and gender.

[1]  Actiris is a regional body responsible for employment policy, the territorial competence of which is limited to the Brussels-Capital region.

[2] Survey carried out by Agoria in 2023