SPIE is developing a comprehensive approach to support its customers in their energy performance

Published on 08 December 2020

Saint-Denis, 8 December 2020 - SPIE Facilities, a French subsidiary of the SPIE group, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, is reinforcing its commitments in the area of energy efficiency. The creation of its “Energy Efficiency” division enables its teams to distinguish themselves through their expertise and their ability to devise comprehensive solutions to support their customers.

The performance of installations must be considered as a whole 

As a facility management specialist, SPIE France’s subsidiary supports its customers by taking a comprehensive approach to their energy transformation projects: equipment improvements, digital control and energy recovery and storage are just some of the solutions to consider when improving the energy performance of buildings. Achieving energy savings requires a wide range of techniques that must be understood as a whole and managed throughout the entire chain. It is for this reason that, with its dedicated division, SPIE Facilities has developed an approach that encompasses all the various types of technical expertise (HVAC, control, lighting, maintenance and operation). Specific, simple and rapidly implemented offerings are developed for each customer, in such a way as to be able to control the return on investment.

Our work is carried out behind the scenes, but it makes a major contribution to the energy performance of buildings, much in the same way as insulation. Experience shows that it is important to combine the renovation of existing facilities with consumption management in order to enhance the efficiency of an energy approach”, says Olivier Daval, manager of the energy efficiency division of SPIE Facilities.

The Energy Performance Contract (CPE) to control consumption

SPIE Facilities is committed to working with its customers to implement energy performance contracts. The strategies adopted enable companies to reduce their energy or water bills considerably, resulting in savings in the region of 30 to 55%, ratios that regularly exceed the initial commitments. This is achieved because the transition from theory to practice allows us to discover new ways to save money and thus outperform expectations.

All of the subsidiary’s customers, including shopping centres, banks and insurance companies, as well as local and regional authorities, are affected by the French “tertiary decree”, for which the CPE will be one of the key levers for achieving the objectives.