SPIE equips the CCVO3F community of municipalities (Val-d'Oise) with an innovative video protection system

Published on 13 September 2022

Cergy, 13 September 2022 The Communauté de Communes de la Vallée de l'Oise et des 3 forêts (CCVO3F) has chosen SPIE CityNetworks, a French subsidiary of SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, to set up its video protection system.

Equipping the territory with an innovative video protection system to ensure the safety and well-being of nearly 40,000 inhabitants

The CCVO3F is made up of four rural municipalities (Nerville-La-Forêt, Villiers-Adam, Béthemont la Forêt, Chauvry) and five urban municipalities with more than 3,500 inhabitants (L'Isle-Adam, Méry-sur-Oise, Mériel, Parmain and Presles). It has a population of 39,331 inhabitants spread over a territory of 76 km². 

In 2019, the CCVO3F launched a call for tenders with the aim of equipping this territory with an innovative and efficient video protection system. The solution proposed by SPIE CityNetworks was chosen for its technical expertise and recognised operational know-how, which requires organisation and planning in municipalities with specific constraints. In addition, SPIE CityNetworks offered support and training. The contract included the installation of more than 200 cameras, the creation of Urban Supervision Centres and the maintenance of the system for three years. 

As a result, 160 fixed cameras and 50 mobile dome cameras were installed by the end of 2021. Throughout the project, SPIE CityNetworks' teams worked in close cooperation with elected officials, law enforcement agencies (municipal police and gendarmerie) and the AMBRE design office.

Efficient installations thanks to effective support and maintenance 

The most efficient equipment on the market was chosen for this project in order to ensure high quality images and the durability of the installations. 
This network of cameras allows the community to have a 360° view of a place and to collaborate more effectively with the police. The latter can intervene quickly if an offence is spotted, search for a given vehicle, or identify illegal dumping situations in order to preserve the quality of the living environment and public space.

SPIE CityNetworks will continue to support the project over the long term, as it will maintain the installations for the next three years. A 100% in-house team of video protection experts located in the Val d'Oise carries out preventive and corrective maintenance operations. Interventions can be carried out either remotely or by visiting the site within a maximum of 72 hours. 

Didier Jacquet, head of department at SPIE CityNetworks, said: "The SPIE CityNetworks teams took the time to support each municipality and its dedicated staff in learning how to use the video protection tools. This involved training courses covering technical and regulatory aspects, as well as system operation. Thus, each municipality was able to feel more in control of the use of this system. This proximity and availability to the customer are also at the heart of our missions.”

Results already visible 

The quality of the system has already been recognised, as the images captured by these new cameras have helped to resolve certain investigations in 2021, particularly thanks to the accuracy of the images, which has been praised by the police.

For the municipalities, the first results are positive. For Pierre Bémels, Vice-Chairman of the CCVO3F: "We have seen a reduction in illegal dumping at the edge of town. For all our citizens, the implementation of the system is reassuring and allows everyone to feel safer in the public space.”