SPIE France launches its new employer branding campaign

Published on 07 December 2021

Cergy, Tuesday, 7 December 2021With 2,200 employees recruited in 2021 and intentions to recruit the same number again in 2022, SPIE France, a subsidiary of the SPIE Group, the European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, is launching its new employer brand: “Join us if you’re up for working for the energy transition and for the digital transformation.”

Inspired and created with the help of more than 3,000 staff members, this campaign was designed using a 100% collaborative process and strong internal mobilisation that illustrates the engagement and pride of belonging to SPIE among staff members.

The result is an authentic and transparent campaign supported by the concrete testimony of more than thirty staff members. Dozens of interviews, focus groups, multi-function and multi-subsidiary workshops, and a digital survey of SPIE France’s 19,000 staff members, have made it possible to define an employer promise and the three pillars that make SPIE strong: passion, audacity and diversity, together with an original creative concept, which is a nod to the Group’s historic business.

The campaign reveals SPIE France’s ambition to build an ever smarter and more responsible world thanks to the recognised expertise of a community of passionate people who like to reinvent themselves and pass on their knowledge; of audacious people who undertake new projects every day; and of professionals who reveal themselves through the diversity of their missions and their career paths. All of SPIE France’s subsidiaries took part, making it possible to create a campaign that is ambitious, attractive and representative of SPIE’s values.

Careers at the heart of the green recovery and the digital transformation

As a major player in the energy transition and digital transformation, each of SPIE France’s subsidiaries offers careers throughout France that are going places and make a very tangible contribution to the fight against climate change and the deployment of new uses for digital technology. Energy efficiency engineers, electricians, business engineers, telecoms engineers, network engineers, network fitters, works supervisors, cybersecurity engineers & technicians, data centre technicians, etc.

With a very wide range of technical and scientific career paths accessible to people with all levels of qualifications, SPIE France’s subsidiaries bring together men and women driven by the same energy: preparing for the future of energy, creating shared value through digital technology and accelerating eco-responsible initiatives to improve the quality of life of customers and their staff members.

“SPIE’s staff members are its first and greatest asset. We are committed to passing on our know-how and growing our communities of technicians, engineers and experts. Joining SPIE means choosing action and engagement, it means working sustainably to improve the energy and digital performance of infrastructure, regions and industries, and more broadly of organisations. With this campaign, we want to raise awareness of our career paths and our company. The focus is on young people in particular, as well as women, who have a rightful place at SPIE, even though many people still think all too often that our career paths are reserved for men”, says Olivier Domergue, Managing Director of SPIE France.

A factual and concrete campaign that reflects SPIE’s teams and commitments: #EvidenceBySPIE

Firmly based on a discussion of evidence, this campaign will include factual details and concrete testimonials that will illustrate how SPIE is working for the energy transition and digital transformation, how the three pillars are expressed and experienced and how joining SPIE means participating in the fight against climate change and working for sustainable and responsible digital technology.

“Above all, we recruit talented people who want to get involved, who want to share our passions, audacious people who, like us, like to be enterprising and want to explore the huge diversity of professions and sectors in which SPIE operates,” explains Olga Martin-Jarousse, Human Resources Director at SPIE France. “We pay particular attention to work-study programmes because passing on knowledge is part of our DNA and we recruit several hundred work-study students each year. We are very proud to enable young people to become the new ambassadors of the technical professions”.

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