SPIE France subsidiaries win 14 awards in the SERCE/OPPBTP Safety Competition

Published on 29 June 2021

Cergy, 29 June 2021 – SPIE Facilities, SPIE CityNetworks, SPIE Nucléaire and SPIE Industrie & Tertiaire, subsidiaries of the SPIE Group, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, won 14 awards for their safety initiatives and performance at the 2021 SERCE/OPPBTP Safety Competition. Of the 83 applications submitted this year in the "Challenge Innovations" category, more than half were won by subsidiaries of SPIE France.

6 awards for the Tertiaire division of SPIE Industrie & Tertiaire, the subsidiary specialising in smart buildings and their performance:

In the “Safety Results” competition, 3 sites operated by the Tertiaire division were awarded high scores for their performance based on an assessed set of criteria:

- 1st Prize "Industry and Tertiary" for the branch in Migné-Auxances (86) - Tertiaire & Logement Centre-Atlantique Limousin Business Unit.

- Achievement award "Industry and Tertiary" for the Feyzin branch (69) - South-East BU

- Achievement Award "Industry and Tertiary" for the Saint-Herblain branch (44) - Brittany Normandy West BU.

This subsidiary was also awarded 3 prizes in the "Challenge Innovations" competition:

- Jury Prize on the theme of Health for the Saint-Herblain branch (44) - Brittany Normandy West BU for its "silica dust measurement" procedure used during work on a test site for the hospital at Riantec (56).

- Jury Prize on the theme of PSI Actions (Potentially Serious Incident) for the Grand Ouest Climate Engineering BU for its "surveillance kit" aimed at all ground-based staff supporting MEWP1 drivers and manual handling supervisors, in order to showcase this role on construction sites.

- 3rd Prize in the "Operating Procedures and Methods" category for the Grand Ouest Climate Engineering BU for the roll-out of their "Preparatory Talks" which helped create a culture of preparing for essential tasks so that work sites could come in well within deadlines.

3 prizes for SPIE Facilities, the subsidiary specialising in buildings maintenance and facilities management:

This subsidiary was recognised for 5 innovative activities with 3 awards:

- Jury Prize in the Health category for their training course "remote management during a crisis", created with the help of a management consultancy specialising in psychosocial hazards, designed to better understand the new types of professional relationships created by teleworking.

- Jury Prize on the theme of "PSI Actions" for their educational application "Serious Game Platform", developed to order, which allows the user to move around a virtual site or construction project and identify any risks and associated prevention measures.

- 2nd Prize in the Training category for 3 initiatives: "Safety Onboarding for Trainees" conducted using workshops which simulate dangerous situations, "Safety Onboarding for New Starters using Virtual Reality" and "Safety Leadership for Technicians", which consisted of training 270 managers and 1,800 technicians in safety leadership by 2022 in order to provide a solid basis for our integrated safety culture.

3 prizes for SPIE CityNetworks, the subsidiary specialising in energy and digital networks, transport and urban services:

In the "Challenge Innovations" competition, the subsidiary won:

- Jury Prize on the theme of Hardware for their Transport & Mobility department, which designed and installed a "hoverboard kart for tunnels", particularly effective for rapid and safe movement through Fresh Air Ducts (FADs), as well as in spaces where operatives cannot stand upright.

- Jury Prize in the Employee Mobilisation category for their Telecoms Ouest BU and their "QSE 2021 Programme". An original format created with the active involvement of operators who run a monthly discussion forum on a particular safety issue.

- 3rd Prize in the Training category for "Site Safety Signage Educational Platforms", which offers practical exercises for training in temporary signage regulations and environmental rehabilitation of construction sites.

One "Safety Results" prize for the Industrie division of SPIE Industrie & Tertiaire

- 2nd Prize "Industry & Tertiary" for the Toulouse office - Southern Region BU for their performance and top class results for safety, according to a score allocated on the basis of several assessment criteria.

SPIE Nucléaire won a prize in the "Challenge Innovations" competition

- 2nd Prize in the category "Operating Procedures and Methods" for their procedure "contribution to analysis of manual handling", making an object's weight visible through the use of a coloured sticker showing which manual handling method applies to that object.

"Safety is essential in our line of work. This is a daily issue faced by all of our teams. These 14 prizes are recognition of the commitment, creativity and discipline shown by our employees through a difficult and completely unprecedented period. We are very proud of them and this encourages us to continue our efforts towards our published ZERO ACCIDENT target, which everyone is aiming for", declared Olivier Domergue, Managing Director of SPIE France and Chairman of the SERCE Safety Committee.

More generally, the award of these 14 prizes strengthens the relevance of the safety culture which is being supported and encouraged by the 45,500 employees who work for the SPIE Group.