SPIE Group General Meeting of 11 May 2022: composition of the Board of Directors

Published on 13 May 2022

The SPIE group, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, held its General Meeting in Paris on Wednesday, 11 May 2022. Following the decisions taken by the General Meeting regarding the composition of the Board of Directors, the latter decided to return Mr Gauthier Louette as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SPIE for a further by four-year term.

Mr Patrick Jeantet, an Independent Director and Chairman of the nominations and compensation committee, is appointed Senior Director and becomes a member of the CSR & governance committee, chaired by Ms Regine Stachelhaus.
Ms Sandrine Téran, an Independent Director, becomes Chairman of the audit committee. Mr Christopher Delbrück is appointed Independent Director and becomes a member of the audit committee.

SPIE would like to express its immense gratitude to Sir Peter Mason for his commitment to the Group over the years. He has contributed greatly to improving the company’s governance practices and the quality of the work carried out by the audit committee.

Composition of the Board of Directors of SPIE SA as of 12 May 2022

Board of Directors :

  • Gauthier LOUETTE: Chairman and Chief Executive Officer 
  • Patrick JEANTET: Senior Independent Director
  • Peugeot Invest Assets represented par Bertrand FINET: Independent Director
  • Regine STACHELHAUS: Independent Director
  • Michael KESSLER: Director representing employees
  • Bpifrance Investissement represented par Adeline LEMAIRE: Independent Director
  • Jérôme NIER: Director representing employees
  • Trudy SCHOOLENBERG: Independent Director
  • Sandrine TERAN: Independent Director
  • Gabrielle Van KLAVEREN-HESSEL: Director representing shareholder employees
  • Christopher DELBRÜCK: Independent Director

Audit Committee

  • Sandrine Teran (Chairwoman)
  • Bertrand Finet
  • Gabrielle Van Klaveren-Hessel
  • Christopher Delbrück

Nominations and compensation Committee

  • Patrick Jeantet (Chairman)
  • Regine Stachelhaus
  • Jérôme Nier
  • Bertrand Finet

CSR & governance committee

  • Regine Stachelhaus (Chairwoman)
  • Patrick Jeantet
  • Adeline Lemaire
  • Trudy Schoolenberg
  • Michael Kessler