SPIE is hiring!

Published on 11 April 2019

Join a sustainable, responsible and human company

Cergy, April 11, 2019 – SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, has boosted its total workforce to 46,400 employees by hiring nearly 5,400 new recruits on permanent contracts in 2018, which included more than 2,300 new hires in France and just shy of 1,300 in Germany. The Group is keen to grow in 2019 and is focusing on attracting new talent. Nearly 1,000 employees have already joined SPIE just two months into the year.

Following a year marked by a sustained recruitment drive, SPIE remains on the lookout for new, qualified staff in a very wide range of profiles across all of its European subsidiaries: electricians, air conditioning technicians, network or maintenance technicians, site managers, contract managers, management controllers, etc. The steady rise in staff numbers in 2018 confirms the business growth of the Group, which is well positioned on a number of growing markets to respond to the challenges posed by the transition to digital technology and alternative sources of energy. SPIE’s ambition to develop technically sophisticated solutions with high added value in order to improve its customers’ performance in the long term lies at the core of its deliberations on the regions and society of tomorrow. Its dense European network of sites enables it to forge close ties with customers. SPIE plays a role in regional development in particular, contributes to optimising building energy performance and puts forward innovative services to create the “smart city”. This work directly improves the quality of people’s everyday lives.

A resilient group that forms lasting relationships

34% of SPIE employees hold shares in the Group, which is a true reflection of the lasting relationships that SPIE wishes to develop with them. Co-optation, a recruitment process that accounts for between 15 and 22% of staff hired by subsidiaries, is also indicative of this commitment. This shows how employees are regarded as true ambassadors of SPIE.

“Becoming part of SPIE means choosing a Group that forms lasting relationships with employees and customers alike. We offer the prospect of long-term employment on a permanent contract and ensure that we provide the perfect conditions so that anyone can independently develop their career and discover their purpose at SPIE”, highlights Elisabeth Rasmussen, the Human Resources Director for the SPIE Group. Last year marked the eleventh time that SPIE Belgium was awarded “Top Employer” certification, which is testament to SPIE’s fantastic working environment and HR-related best practices.

SPIE’s core values of performance, responsibility and closeness are also evident in the support that the Group offers to its employees and also by putting people at the heart of its affairs. Skills development and opportunities to transfer both internally and externally are powerful ways to drive careers forward within the Group. “SPIE provides both know-how and support to anybody who shows enthusiasm and motivation to develop their potential”, explains Amir Aalabaf, Development engineer at SPIE UK.

An ambitious recruitment campaign

SPIE wanted to bring as much attention as possible to its campaign by placing a distinctive sticker on each of the 8,000 service vehicles in its French fleet. A dedicated recruitment hotline has been set up on +33 (0)800 732 730 to provide any information. This campaign will be rolled out across other European countries in 2019.

The Group is particularly interested in recruiting young people and would also like to attract more female employees. SPIE will offer training and support to young recruits so that they can develop into accomplished employees. There are many forms that this training and support can take, including apprenticeships, pre-employment internships and participation on the VIE (French international business programme), and they are all springboards to a lengthy career at SPIE. SPIE’s desire to employ more women is also gradually coming to fruition as women now account for approximately 16% of new hires, up from 10% 3 years ago.