SPIE ICS adopts eLamp, a skills management solution enhanced by artificial intelligence algorithms

Published on 26 January 2021

Malakoff, 26 January 2021 – SPIE ICS, a digital services subsidiary of the SPIE group, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, is pleased with the initial results of a collaborative skills management tool established with eLamp, a start-up based in Lille. By using this human resource solution based on artificial intelligence algorithms, SPIE ICS is able to better manage its expertise and retain its talents by creating career paths which are more dynamic and flexible.

Flexibility to support the change of practices

Career paths in IT are changing quickly and our customers always need to adapt and stay ahead of the curve, this means we have to be able to quickly set up skilled teams fitted to the type of assignments they will receive,” explains Ersun Arpa, a Human Resources Development Manager at SPIE ICS.

With eLamp, an adapted solution for the issues specific to the subsidiary, SPIE ICS reinforce its ability to support customers in these processing logics.

The subsidiary now has an effective tool which:

  • Give an overall view of all staff skills and its breakdown on a specific area (individual, by team, by department, or at a national level);
  • Update skills and certifications which are valuable for its experts;
  • Give the opportunity to the managers to better identify internal skills and improve stakeholders’ experience by offering more opportunities for a career prospect, while streamlining the external recruitment;
  • Allows its stakeholders to use a dedicated interface to complete and manage, in real time, their technical skills on their profiles. Everyone so has the option to shift to a different career path with the support of their line manager and/or Human Resources manager, during annual performance appraisals for example.

As Raphaël Mazot, Technical IP Infrastructure Consultant at SPIE ICS, points out: “eLamp is speeding up our ability to identify the right internal resources to respond to a call for tender. It is also making it possible to detect the emerging technology that may be covered in a future training plan”.

Employees playing an active role in their professional development

In a jobs market where companies are scrapping for the best candidates, eLamp is a vital hybrid tool that blends artificial and collective intelligence. Motivate employees to pursue their career path and acquire skills is essential for a digital services company,” says Ersun Arpa. Almost a “safe bet” : 59% of stakeholders now use eLamp in their daily work. But, the objective is to reach a rate of 70% by March 2021, a year after the introduction of the tool.

The potential looks bright. eLamp is having a positive impact on our business and organisational processes. Ultimately, the entire organisation is becoming more flexible,” concludes Clément Marty, Director of the Grande-Atlantique Business Division’s Competence Centre at SPIE ICS.

A positive feedback

The uptake of eLamp among SPIE ICS’s stakeholders is a success because an employee uses the platform once a week on average in order to update his profile and search for expertise held within the company. Olivier Rohou, CEO and co-founder of eLamp, indicates that he is noticing a similarly strong uptake among many of his customers because the benefits are immediate and highly functional. “Within highly technical companies such as digital service providers, expertise and operational skills effectively feed into the core principles of the organisation”. As his last word he concludes: “keeping key resources within the company is proving to be a real challenge, but eLamp’s ability to detect scarce skills and track expertise in the field, for example, provides answers”.