SPIE ICS is changing its Management Committee

Published on 12 November 2019

Cergy, November 12, 2019 – SPIE ICS, the digital service subsidiary of SPIE France, is announcing several changes on its General Management Committee. Objective: to accelerate its development as part of the implementation of its new strategic plan.

In summer 2018, the SPIE ICS Management Committee initiated a strategic review that led it to reconsider its ambition and reorganise its range of services. Carried out in close consultation with its managers and experts, this collaborative approach allows the organisation to gradually evolve towards greater flexibility and innovation. Faced with a market that is changing at a sustained pace, SPIE ICS’s aim is to support its clients in their digital transformation by providing ever greater value, in a close and privileged relationship.

Cédric Périer, Managing Director of SPIE ICS, believes that “This transformative project allows us to position SPIE ICS for the future. We are relying on our traditional strengths in the areas of integration and information management. To those strengths, we are adding new expertise with more innovation and services in the areas of Cloud, Cybersecurity, SmartData and the IoT. These days, our clients expect us to manage complexity, working together with them to provide a service that is transparent for end users and controlled end to end.” 

Appointments on the SPIE ICS Management Committee

Delphine Ferrier appointed SPIE ICS Director of Transformation.

An engineer qualified in information network architecture (ESIGETEL), Delphine Ferrier joined SPIE ICS in 2009 as Architecture and Expertise Department manager. Since 2014, she has held the post of Director of the Sud-Atlantique Department within the Grande-Atlantique Business Division.

Delphine Ferrier’s ambition is to support the transformation of SPIE ICS, with the aims of providing ever greater added value to the company’s clients and making employees fully involved in this process.

Patrice Righenzi de Villers appointed Director of the SPIE ICS National Service Centre.

An engineer qualified in telecommunications (Telecom Sud Paris), Patrice Righenzi de Villers joined SPIE ICS in 2002 as Manager of the Information Management Department. Since 2016, he has held the post of Director of the Finance & Property Department.

Patrice Righenzi de Villers is committed to developing the value of the customer service path and the customer success experience by drawing on SPIE ICS’s National Service Centres.

Changes on the SPIE ICS Management Committee

Nolwenn Le Ster appointed SPIE ICS Director of Innovation

A graduate of Télécom Bretagne (2004), Nolwenn Le Ster joined SPIE ICS in 2005 as a Key Accounts Commercial Engineer. Since 2016, she has held the post of Director of Cloud and Internet of Things Business Department.

Nolwenn Le Ster has been entrusted with the creation of an “Innovation” unit to support SPIE’s clients in their digital and energy transition challenges and to encourage the formation of innovative ideas among the subsidiary’s employees.

Jérôme Beaufils appointed SPIE ICS Director of Commercial and Strategic Development

A graduate of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications in Paris, Jérôme Beaufils joined SPIE SPIE ICS in 2010 as part of the acquisition of VeePee, where he held the posts of Executive Director of Operations and Deputy Managing Director. Since 2017, he has held the post of Director of the Tertiary and Finance Business Department.

Jérôme Beaufils will be responsible for accelerating the development of SPIE ICS on its markets and promoting synergies with other SPIE France business divisions.

Quentin Bechelli appointed SPIE ICS Business Director for Île-de-France

With a Master’s degree in networks from the Université d'Aix-Marseille, Quentin Bechelli joined SPIE ICS in 2008 as a Key Accounts Business Engineer. Since 2018, he has held the post of Director of the Public and Industries Business Department.

Quentin Bechelli is taking charge of a unique business department, bringing together more than 800 employees and experts to better meet the specific challenges of the transformation of public and private institutions in Île-de-France.