SPIE ICS à Nîmes

SPIE ICS inaugurates its new offices in Nîmes and confirms its expertise in data structuring and exploitation

Published on 08 July 2022

Malakoff, 8 July 2022 - SPIE ICS, the digital services subsidiary of the SPIE Group, the leading independent European provider of multi-technical services in the energy and communications sectors, is inaugurating its new offices in Nîmes. The move confirms the growth of the company's activities, which reaffirms its ambition to be a responsible local player in the digital transformation of its customers and territories. For SPIE ICS, the aim is to improve the value proposition of its core business offers through better control of the structuring, enhancement and sharing of data.

Smart Data & IoT activity in full expansion

SPIE ICS' new offices in Nîmes combine innovation, performance and employee well-being. A photovoltaic power plant installed on the roof allows for optimised use of the building. With a surface area of almost 2,000 m2, it focuses on user comfort and will house three distinct and complementary business divisions - including the "Smart Data & IoT" business unit, which has seen strong growth in demand since 2021. The team currently comprises more than 45 experts and will be strengthened by the end of the year with the arrival of UX and UI engineers and consultants with skills in process digitisation (in infrastructures or for business applications), as well as in data visualisation and collaboration. 

Structuring data to create value

Mastering data is at the heart of SPIE ICS' 2021/2025 strategic plan. This value creation is leading the French digital services company to acquire new expertise and innovative tools to enhance its core business offerings by structuring and making informed use of data.
SPIE ICS is thus using its skills to meet three types of emerging needs within organisations:

  • The automation of tasks and processes to improve the productivity, reliability and security of infrastructures 
  • The development of remote collaboration solutions, the need for which has increased due to the health crisis and the transformation of the work environment
  • Supporting customers in dealing with the digital impact of these new modes of collaboration, by proposing user solutions that combine performance and reduced environmental impact.

Combining SPIE ICS's digital know-how with the business skills within the Group.

In order to accelerate their digital transformation, private and public-sector economic players are upgrading their information systems and making the most of data is a key concern.  To meet this challenge, SPIE ICS combines its expertise in infrastructure and data management with the business expertise of other SPIE France subsidiaries. This ability to master data exploitation (devops, devsecops, automation, orchestration) creates additional value. SPIE ICS is involved in key projects in an increasingly wide range of sectors such as food processing, aeronautics and nuclear power.

Supporting customers on the road to data 

Carole Bonnafous, Smart Data & IoT Business Unit Director at SPIE ICS, explains: "The challenge is to develop the value chain of our services by accompanying our customers on the road to data. Bringing our activities together reflects our development: it enables us to offer our customers increasingly controlled, high-performance and secure solutions. These solutions are designed to last over time thanks to our managed services centre, which provides supervision, incident management, maintenance and support.”

"The new site in Nîmes will help us to support the digital transition of the local economic fabric, in a local approach. Our job is to bring digital technology to all the players in the region, including hospitals, clinics and schools, as well as the many SMEs in our region," adds Antoine Bardel, Mediterranée branch manager at SPIE ICS's Grand-Est department.