SPIE is implementing broadband upgrade in Oldenburg and Varel on behalf of EWE Netz

Published on 22 September 2021

Oldenburg, 22 September 2021 – SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, has been commissioned by EWE Netz to implement part of its broadband upgrade in the towns of Oldenburg and Varel. This will represent a further boost to digitalisation in northwestern Germany and advance the roll-out of a state-of-the-art fibre-optic network. SPIE began work in July 2021 and is due to complete it within a year.

Fast internet for northwestern Germany

Glasfaser Nordwest [Fibre-Optic for the Northwest] is a joint venture between Telekom Deutschland GmbH and EWE AG. By working together to upgrade the fibre-optic network in northwestern Germany, they are ensuring infrastructure is ready to meet the challenges of the future.

Thereby, EWE Netz has commissioned SPIE to implement the fibre-optic network for parts of the broadband upgrade in Oldenburg and Varel. "We are implementing the main infrastructure and installing the connecting cables for the distribution stations", explained Marco Heyen, Head of the Wiesmoor Service Office at the CityNetworks & Grids operational division of SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa. To do so, the multi-technical service provider is digging more than 25 kilometres of cable trenches, laying around 64 kilometres of microducts[1] and preparing the building feed points. "As soon as the infrastructure is ready, the fibre-optic cables will be installed and the distribution stations that carry the optical signals to the building service connections will be connected. Moreover, we are implementing the fibre-optic infrastructure in line with the Home Passed + standard, which means that from each distribution station, we install the duct system as far as the property boundary", continued Heyen.

Team of experts with efficient solutions

To install all the cabling, 30 specialists from SPIE are working on the FTTH order. "We have deployed a very experienced team with exceptional technical skills and extensive expertise in broadband upgrades. For many years now, this has enabled us to implement all kinds of fibre-optic orders from a single source", said Andreas Schmidt, Head of the Wiesmoor Branch at the CityNetworks & Grids operational division.

These projects are both diverse and complex and usually need to be implemented as quickly as possible. "For example, one major challenge was documenting the large number of individual contracts involved in establishing building service connections", said Heyen. To minimise the administrative work involved and to ensure a high degree of availability and flexibility in serving its customers, SPIE has digitalised its entire documentation process. The multi-technical service provider has come up with a solution that allows it to use an automated system to convey information to customers directly and digitally via mobile devices carried by SPIE installers. "That not only streamlines our processes but has also been very well received among our clients", added Heyen.

Dependable partnership

SPIE and EWE Netz have enjoyed a successful working relationship for several decades. "We are delighted to provide these comprehensive services for our long-standing customer and, in doing so, make a crucial contribution to the digital transformation. After all, with fast internet, more and more people are gaining access to the latest technologies and digitalisation methods", said James Kaufmann, Head of the North region at the CityNetworks & Grids.

[1] Microducts are small ducts for the installation of small microduct fibre optic cables.