SPIE includes the Energisme’s “N’Gage” platform to optimise energy performance in buildings

Published on 16 December 2020

Saint-Denis, 16 December 2020 SPIE Facilities, a French subsidiary of the SPIE group, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, has chosen N’Gage, the collaborative platform from Energisme, to integrate the use of smart data into its processes. This collaboration is based on a joint belief: data is the crucial factor in meeting the challenges of energy efficiency.

In the energy sector, collecting and processing data generally involves interactions between several organizations. It is therefore essential to develop a collective intelligence as a collaborative ecosystem to allow access to the data and its processing.

A special digital hub to operate data

SPIE Facilities has chosen N’Gage, the platform from Energisme, a special digital hub simplifying the acquisition and merging of large-scale and heterogeneous data and incorporating smart data processing services. N’Gage makes possible to identify optimization opportunities to reduce energy consumption and its bills and to develop economic value for all actors of the ecosystem. SPIE Facilities now has access to smart data on gas and energy consumption provided by GRDF and ENEDIS via their respective PLCs. These data are processed dynamically and collected by N’Gage in real time.

Collaborating to develop effective energy optimization solutions

For SPIE Facilities, the stake is to work with its customers to develop innovative services to make the best use of the energy and environmental performance of their property assets and to guarantee comfort for their occupants. Teams therefore need an access to their customers’ data of consumption in real time and then and to make this data smart and operational in order to support them as effectively as possible for the optimization of their energy consumption. “Integrating N’Gage into our tools and processes represents a new step for us and our customers in the implementation of our Smart FM 360° platform”, explains Cyril Pouet, Managing Director of SPIE Facilities. “We believe that digital tools are important to bring our customers solutions to manage their energy performance in real time.

This collaboration is a new example of the quality and robustness of our solution”, adds Thierry Chambon, Chief Executive Officer of Energisme. “We are enabling our customers to collect, to standardise and to access, in real time and on a large scale, at reliable and enhanced data, irrespectively of the format and the source and this, in just few hours. With SPIE, we are therefore making a significant contribution to improve energy performance and helping to build a safer future.