SPIE Innovation Day 2022

Published on 30 September 2022

On 6 September 2022, SPIE Innovation Day was held in Nuremberg. The event gathered more than 750 SPIE employees and partners.

More than 50 keynote addresses were proposed by all subsidiaries and their partners to explore the innovative solutions we offer to our customers.

Daniel Cadet, Group innovation manager, and Tobias Zaers, Group business development director, revealed the winners of the innovation competition. The projects were pre-selected by the Group strategic committees and then put to the vote of the participants.

Discover the 2022 innovation awards

PULSE Core First prize - SPIE Nederland

Pulse Core is a sustainable building management platform, which is currently available in the Netherlands. It provides maintenance technicians and facility managers with a comprehensive overview of the performance of technical installations. The platform also makes it easier to identify levers for buildings improvement, particularly in terms of carbon footprint and to manage the costs involved.

E-Vadea Second prize​ - SPIE France

E-Vadea is an ultra-fast charging network for electric cars. Under the leadership of Marie-Pierre Maccario, SPIE CityNetworks partnered with the Fund for the Ecological Modernisation of Transport (Fonds de modernisation écologique des transports – FMET), a fund financed by highway companies to finance “green” projects. Initial roll-out will be launched in late 2022, with 13 stations on the French highway networks, APRR and Vinci Autoroutes. Their operation and maintenance will be handled by the dedicated teams of SPIE CityNetworks. 

Safer Angle Grinder Third prize - SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa

Oliver Polanz, head of HSEQ at SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa, offered to improve the safety of Hilti’s angle grinder. Angle grinders are high risk tools. They are used for piping works. The technician when making cuts is sometimes constrained to lie down. However, the “dead man switch” safety device did not work in certain positions. The improvement consists in replacing this device with a sensor. The machine stops quickly when there is no longer a hand on the angle grinder. A restart protection mechanism also prevents the machine from restarting once a hand is placed on the machine again.

A big congratulations to the prize winners !

Listen to Daniel Cadet, who shares with us his enthusiasm.

2022 Innovation Day

Interview with Daniel Cadet, Group Innovation Manager