SPIE introduces digital reporting solution “SmartFM” at Siemens Real Estate

Published on 13 January 2020

· SPIE provides Siemens Real Estate with digital reporting tool “SmartFM”
· This agile solution delivers up-to-the-minute, transparent overview of contractually agreed key performance figures


Erlangen, January 13, 2020SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, has furnished its long-standing client Siemens Real Estate with the digital reporting tool developed in-house “SmartFM”. The Salesforce-based SmartFM will in the future guarantee an up-to-the-minute and transparent overview of contractually agreed key performance figures. Dashboards will transparently display SPIE’s main performance data to users.

Strengthening the partnership

The reporting tool has been in use at Siemens Real Estate since the end of October. Siemens was able to define the content and main functions of the solution in conjunction with the multi-technical service provider. “What was particularly important to us was to offer our client a modern, dynamic reporting tool that would offer both greater transparency about our services and greater user comfort,” says Andreas Queißer, SPIE Project Manager Digitalisation at the Business Unit Key Account Siemens.

At Siemens Real Estate, our role includes overall responsibility for the operation of all Siemens AG properties worldwide. We are therefore very pleased that with SPIE, we have a partner at our side with whom we have already been having a successful working relationship for many years in Germany. The new reporting tool enables us to retrieve corresponding information at any time about the properties that SPIE is managing”, says Michael Laun, the contact at Siemens Real Estate and Head of Country Office Germany. “We were delighted by the agility with which SPIE responded to our requirements and created the new solution.”

Simple and clearly organised

SmartFM gives users a central overview of the contractual key performance data via various dashboards. User-friendly filters can be used to select reporting periods, clusters, properties and individual buildings. Apart from ensuring that recurring inspections are carried out to deadline, the dashboards offer a precise overview of the availability of functions relevant to reports. In addition, incoming tickets can be monitored by displaying, apart from the number of tickets and their processing status, the time at which a given error occurred and the average processing time. Differentiation by cause of damage and the creation of building-specific benchmarks further enhance the display spectrum.

SmartFM enables us to continuously supply our clients with up-to-the-minute information about their properties and technical facilities. All of the important performance figures can be seen and reviewed using the various dashboards. In this way, our clients can undertake analyses and create reports themselves, independently of us", Stefan Schusterschitz, General Manager of the Business Unit Key Account Siemens. “With SmartFM, our clients are provided with a uniform data basis that makes it easier for them to compare individual properties. At Siemens Real Estate, for instance, we manage hundreds of different properties which can now be compared and evaluated with the help of SmartFM.” In addition, the new reporting tool for SPIE clients provides greater assurance with regard to agreed services and offers a better basis for communication between client and service provider.