SPIE joins the European Alliance for a Green Recovery

Published on 06 May 2020

REBOOT & REBOOST our economies for a sustainable future

At the initiative of MEP Pascal Canfin, chairing European Parliament’s committee on environment and public health, 270 policymakers, business leaders, union leaders, researchers and NGOs have formed a European alliance for a green recovery. Their call for mobilisation provides a shared reflection on post-pandemic economic stimulus plans putting the fight against climate change and biodiversity loss at the centre of Europe’s economic policy. 


The coronavirus crisis is shaking the whole world, with devastating consequences across Europe. In this tremendously difficult situation, we are also facing another crisis: a shock to our economy tougher than the 2008 crisis. The major shock to the economy and workers created by the pandemic calls for a strong coordinated economic response.

The massive investments needed to reboost economies must trigger a more sustainable European economic model. Indeed, the transition to a climate-neutral economy that is protecting biodiversity as well has the potential to rapidly create jobs. It will improve the health and well-being of citizens and contribute to build more resilient societies. 

Covid-19 will not make climate change and nature degradation go away. And we will not win the fight against Covid-19 without a solid economic response. Let’s not oppose those two battles, but let’s fight and win them at the same time. A green recovery plan provides for better returns on investment, on financial as well as on social and environmental aspects. By doing so, we will only be stronger together. 

As the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, SPIE joins the European Alliance for a Green Recovery alongside 270 signatories, including business and financial leaders, trade unions, NGOs, think tankers, stakeholders.

With 47200 employees committed to the energy and digital transitions, SPIE supports its customers to reduce their consumption and facilitates access to low-carbon energy sources. 

“As a society, we’re facing major environmental and social challenges. And I believe that SPIE’s role as a service business specialising in energy and communication systems makes it part of the solution to tackle those challenges.” commented Gauthier Louette, Chairman & CEO of SPIE, and signatory of the European Alliance for a Green Recovery 

Read the call for mobilisation and the signatories