SPIE launches SMART FM 360°, its new unified digital platform for its Technical Facility management business line

Published on 17 October 2018

Cergy, October 17th, 2018 – SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, is extending its offering of Technical Facility Management services with the implementation of its new unified digital platform, SMART FM 360°.

With this new solution, SPIE has taken a major step forward in the digitisation of its maintenance business and building energy-performance management processes. The platform is designed to make life easier for users and technicians, enhance occupant comfort and personal and property safety, and optimise the energy performance of installations by prioritising their effective operation.

As the core of SPIE's digital offering, which casts operations, maintenance and building services in a whole new light, SMART FM 360° is capable of centralising, managing, and producing reports on millions of data points in real time from existing systems, such as TBM and CMMS systems, but also, by capitalising on the IoT, from new connected objects installed in and in the vicinity of buildings' technical facilities. "SMART FM 360°" also applies to new BIM solutions, to further optimize the operation and maintenance of buildings.

Real-time information for every user profile

SMART FM 360° features a single, user-friendly, scalable interface in which screens and user operations can be configured depending on the amount of information required and pre-defined user permissions. The solution supports three key user profiles: customers, building users/residents, and maintenance technicians:

- For customers, the platform provides a bird's eye view of their installations, buildings, and contract-tracking data. They can view and track past and ongoing service visits, see whether a problem is recurring or a one-off event, evaluate the associated expenses, measure user satisfaction, and track performance indicators, in particular those related to energy performance.

- For users, SMART FM 360° enhances their experience by providing support options and improving their overall comfort. The platform provides a host of information on the life of the site. Site visits can be requested in just a few clicks, and with the solution’s built-in predictive features – such as the ability to analyse weather forecasts – , changes in temperature, for instance, can be programmed in advance.

- For maintenance technicians, SMART FM 360° makes every day work so much easier. The smart dispatching feature plans maintenance visits in advance with the best qualified team, provides historical data and best practices for upcoming visits, and prioritises them to ensure the continuity of operations. Visit reports are produced in real time, and available to all parties concerned.

As a management and communications tool, SMART FM 360° streamlines and simplifies the user experience when it comes to communicating with facility management teams. Building energy-performance management processes are also much easier, from real-time tracking of consumption, to devising global energy efficiency strategies and evaluating their financial impact. The new platform will even be able to define predictive strategies for optimising building maintenance and operation processes.

SMART FM 360° is designed to operate with any type of building, whether old or new, public-access buildings (learning establishments, hospitals, retail outlets, restaurants, hotels, train stations, shopping centres, etc.), office buildings, industrial buildings, or sensitive sites, such as data centres.

A secure platform

Available for smartphone, tablets and desktop/laptop computers, SMART FM 360° is the fruit of an innovative joint initiative with Salesforce. SPIE is fully aware of the importance of protecting its clients' data, and has incorporated cybersecurity features designed to safeguard their infrastructures and their data, from initial collection through to storage.

An ecosystem of innovative partners

With its digital platforms, SPIE has progressively established a network of innovative digital partners, which includes majors such as Microsoft and Salesforce, but also a number of specialist start-ups, such as Tellmeplus. SPIE is also currently working on developing other digital platforms aimed more specifically at certain sectors of activity, such as the industrial sector. These platforms are being designed around the same principles that underline its SMART FM 360° solution, namely capitalising on operational and multi-technical data from connected or offline equipment, but also from data generated by nearby teams operating in the field.

"Digital transformation is core of SPIE's strategy. And developing our digital services offerings in collaboration with our partners positions us squarely as an integrator of innovative solutions capable of meeting our customers' expectations", concludes Florent Billottet, SPIE's Director for Operation Excellence & Innovation.